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The con, players and the antidote 31 August 2016

Exceptionalism 30 August 2016

Academic persecution 27 August 2016

The "good" war 04 August 2016

The state IS terror 23 July 2016

Re-evaluating history 23 April 2016

Terror is a profit centre 10 April 2016

Technology, tricks and terror 03 April 2016

The choice 29 March 2016

Perspectives on 9/11 19 March 2016

Who started two world wars? 11 March 2016

Israel: definitive rogue state 16 February 2016


Rewriting history

In wars, there are generally two sides and it is commonly understood that history is written by the victors but most people are ignorant of the role of banking dynasties in fomenting wars and controlling the narrative to achieve their objectives. Banks finance both sides in war and are always the winners.


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Banks - create money from nothing through fractional reserve lending - for example, 97% of the UK's money supply is created as bank credit. This makes banks immensely powerful.

Military - the leaders of the winning armies decide what information is made public and tell their story of war - Winston Churchill wrote copious volumes on the history of the second world war. Historians rely on original military sources (invariably from the winning side) for information and so the winner's military records determine the narrative. The security/intelligence/military industrial complex is funded and controlled by banking interests with taxpayers picking up the tab.


Wars, 9/11 and the New World Order

Prof. John McMurtry provides comprehensive insights into the motivation, strategy and implementation of the New World Order and its quasi-intellectual foundations. It is essential reading to understand the context of 9/11 and all that has happened since.

The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State, The Grand Plan for a New World Order
Part I
By Prof. John McMurtry

The full document is available to download as a .pdf

Module 3: Wars of the 21st century

President Eisenhower warned of the growing power of the military industrial complex and its ability to subvert and corrupt government. The events surrounding the heinous crimes of 9/11 perpetrated on American soil by persons unknown have yet to be properly investigated.  The official story emerged hours after the event and the instigators and perpetrators identified in a story crafted to justify illegal wars, suspension of habeas corpus, extra-judicial assassinations and torture. The official story however, doesn't withstand even cursory scrutiny and yet 9/11 is the context for the suppression of civil liberties, the war on terror and the demonisation of any foreign government which doesn't pay homage to the American empire.