Review session on 17th December 2013 - notes

Please note the weekly sessions for 2013 have finished but we will meet on Tuesday 17th December to finalise plans for next year's sessions

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Modules for next year (40 mins)

  • Systems thinking on the Political Economy
  • Government for the people by the people

2. Website materials for the modules already covered; collating papers and evidence (40 mins)

  • Education
  • Other modules

3. Session topics (20 mins)

  • Linux and Free Software
  • Savage Money

3. Any other business (20 mins)

The first session in 2014 will be on Tuesday 7th January 2014

Review session on 17th December 2013 - notes

1. Modules for next year

Systems thinking on the Economy

Culture in Decline. Land example – systems thinking in the abstract; learning systems thinking best approach. Janos will do a slot in the first meeting. Psychology of power. Current versus proposed. Research and reference to literature. Three parts: Current social, political and economic model. General discussion. Captive state. Will understanding make people change behaviour? Unity Theatre – radical theatre and the red peril. Censorship of discussion of the Russian revolution. Became embedded into the culture. Means to engage people to think for themselves. 

Political systems (Psychology of power). Government for the people by the people 

From here to there within both modules

2. Website materials for the modules already covered; collating papers and evidence (40 mins)

Big data – systems to collect and data  - structure. Unstructured data. Multiple sources formats. Joomla structure - doesn't do this. Hadoop – developed for yahoo, Google, Intel use/push it. Logical solution. Removing noise in Daily Pickings. Cause and effect – Googledoc? How to structure? 

Education Alex L

Energy – Mike

GMO Pharmaceuticals – Arvind

Zeitgeist – Book

Understand the world – how to change it? People's Assemblies. Waltham Forest. Practical change – how? Management after the revolution. Concentration of power among 66 families. Resources unequal distribution. Power to resist? Latin America structural change occurring. Cut off the relationship with the politics and money system. Critical mass to affect change. People control individually – we cannot comment on individual cases? Rescue individuals from the system. Propagate the liberation of individuals to increase numbers. Concrete foundation – collectively.

3. Session topics

Linux and Free Software – take control of their computing. Open source liberated the software industry. Local – versus global. Methods of exchange. Local knowledge. Gift economy – debt. Most people don't see the puppet master. Cut the strings and shine the light on the puppet masters. We have to cut the strings – systems. Education both the populace and the puppets. Power v free will. 

Savage Money – Andy Conio


3. Any other business

George Monbiot – Captured State. 

Edward Bernays - Propaganda


Review session on 19th November 2013

Please note the weekly sessions for 2013 have finished but we will meet on Tuesday 19th November and once more in December; date to be agreed.

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Topical review - news etc. (30 mins)

2. Zeitgeist - Peter Joseph interview (30 mins)

3. System thinking example progress (30 mins)

3. Planning for 2014 (30 mins)


Session 43 - 29th October 2013 -notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Tony Crawford on Canadian banking (60 mins)

2. Round up of week's news/events (30 mins)

3. Systems thinking and Land - continuation (30 mins)

Session 43 on 29th October 2013 – notes

Final Settlement of case - give up defence and they would return the house. Rules of creating debt, 

CDS for MBS. Follow the debt. Investment product to save tax. 1989 – accountant advice: save income tax – invest in property. Mortgage payments return of rent. Investment bank – commercial office with rents to pay mortgage but the property was owned by someone else, the bank agent. Sold mortgage as an investment. Owner, investment bank, kept rents, losses re-credited by government; tax-credit - bank was taking the cash. 10 years later mortgage became due. Judges refused to listen and consider the evidence. Payments exceeded the tax credit C$5m  - C$5m mortgage C$10m loan to buy the C$5m property. 300 investors put up C$22m. 

Canadian bank, Bank of Montreal (retail), Allied Canadian sold the property to be syndicated. Other banks:  CICB - documentation not as sophisticated. TD in same market and Royal Bank of Canada. Marketing of investment products. C$32bn bailout in 2009, not only credit default obligations on sub-prime mortgages. Allied Canadian borrowing money to invest. BoM had 98% of the market. FrAuditors complicit. Investment banks appointed salesmen to sell the product. Registered retirement savings plans RRSP. Canada Mortgage and Housing. Off-site Loans  - Closings. Salesman borrows on behalf of the client using the fraudulent document. The money goes to salesman. Cooling off for 31 days (without knowing about it). 12 pre-dated cheques required by the retail bank. Bank clients. Salesman independent agent as is owner of the property. “Sales rep” on bank documents; changed to witness. Regulator standing back. 21 government agencies refused jurisdiction. Insurance policy on mortgage. (CDS) – sold for C$10m. Structured investment markets. Judges only rely on the paperwork. Investment bank acting as a bank within a bank. Tax credit is monetised. 1St wave – creation of the notes. 1980/90s.

2000+ Paper notes from retail – promissory notes become due. Repackaged and resold over and over again as a credit derivative bailed out. Credit rating agencies rate them as triple. Revenues seize. Collateralised debt obligations. Accountants are trying to sort out the resulting mess. Sitting in the bank as toxic loans, laundering tax-credits for the benefit of the banks. Bail-out bought bad loans in “bad banks”. C $32bn bailout (under Mark Carney). Wrote to both Carney and Mervyn King. Minister of Finance – identity theft but doesn't apply in the loan case. Petition 44 for an investigation. Read in the Queens Park in Ontario assembly. Leader Jack Layton signed it but unfortunately died. General refusal to investigate. Never got to court because 11 judges deemed “no case to answer”. Lawyer quit and presented evidence to subvert the ruling. You won't to jail. Claim against the lawyer, accountant and the banks. Securities Commission won't intervene. Wrote to Queen asking for a trial but no acknowledgement. Presentation at St Pauls and Toronto Occupy. Press in Canada and England won't touch it. A case against Mark Carney in Canada but there's a gagging order. Canadian Committee for Monetary Reform. 

Taboo – how much tax has been involved in these schemes. LIBOR related. Positive Money. Richard Murphy, TJN contact. 3Rd wave naked credit default swap – sovereign debt. Tony's written a book Contaging – banned in Canada. Usurism – philosophy - religion. Followers of mammon. Central banks and corporations behind them. Why do they need so much? Everything was to acquire property.  Paying interest to two banks plus the tax. Mr Jazz Joint application design. Emotion – empathise – psychopathic. Electricity Board. Jolly Hangman in Singapore. 

Prem Sikar, John Christiansen – the referees have the same philosophy. The Perfect Sting. More books plan. Capitalism without Capital lectures. System questions simple. Policy - Action - Record result. Tax2debt app. Snarf – explanatory game.

Anthony Crawford lecture at Tent City University, OccupyLSX


Session 42 - 22nd October 2013 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Round up of week's news/events (30 mins)

2. Loomio (20 mins)

3. What future? Vision and roadmap (30 mins)

4. Systems thinking and Land - continuation (40 mins)

Session 42 22nd October 2013 – notes

1. Chinese commentator: Current political system in the West doesn't work nor does the system in China.

2. Future. Reduce the number of meetings for the rest of the year? Invite people to join Loomio group – Occupy. Voting general Modelling land – separate plot of land from the property – difference between land and capital. Arvind has the previous model.


Land: 4 square miles in central London; 1% allotments; 30% park; 10% roads and infrastructure; Commercial? ; Housing? Hotels? Retail? Industrial? Education? Public Administration? Health? Mixed use. Ownership? What dictates use of land? Planning/democratic accountability to whom? Rules and regulations – governance? No of people 3,000 living owner occupation v tenants . 7,000 non-residents work in the area. 5,000 visitors/tourists, Rates and taxes.

Architect – We are the architects - Roads, lamp posts etc. Rules are the major influence on the model. Taxation? Emergent property - Price? Developmental issue – start simple. Emergent properties: desirable location, asset value. Inputs – money; people arriving for work and leisure; people living and interacting; energy; water infrastructure; supplies (food and stuff); information; Outputs: money; national taxation; people departing; pollution;

Seven Samurai model.