Session 4 on Wednesday 25th January 2017 - notes

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* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (40 minutes)

2. Building a narrative that's collective and individual - informed but always open to review - Eddie (40 mins)

3. Ideas to promote/foster collective intelligence - guiding principles and practice (40 minutes)


Session 4 – 25th January 2017 notes

1. AA LAWuN in the place where no-one goes. 6-10th February 2017 - Critical Thinking on 7th Feb. Deschooling society Illich – ex Jesuit society. Tools for conviviality – telephone. Saul Alinksky. Feminism – women. Solidarity? Curiosity of how this person was thrown up as president. Chicago – send in troops. Encountering each other on the streets for the first. Democratic spirit. People listening to each other. Does it take a war or breakdown to create a democratic spirit. It is democratic theatre – people have been played. Obama went to far but no-one came out. Lebonese blogger killing in Yemen and Syria – duped my media. Protests achieve nothing – organising themselves. Make the system irrelevant. Numbers against Iraq war – v Syria. In black and white on paper is different to protest. Police have their role (on overtime) – people have their role. Don't participate in the election. BBC licence refusal. Access information from elsewhere and engage with each other. Localised. Start local and expand globally. Local to your domain geographically or virtually. Integration of telecoms. Active rather than passive. Local participation – DM on twitter phone numbers.

2. Fragments putting things together to get an overall picture. Arcades. Collate visual images as a picture. Collected over years and placed together – constructing a narrative. Physical meetings – bring stuff. How we sit with the stories that we tell. - Keep a visual diary of the sessions. Post things in advance of the meeting – what is the diversity of stuff that people are looking at in the context of Critical Thinking. What is art? Move the mirror from where you are looking at yourself and it creates a different perspective. Decisions to be made among the narratives. What is the context of the collection of images? Does there need to be a coherent narrative. Pictorial record of a shared experience. Disconnect the time of when created from when it is observed. Finding a common language. To overcome ideology and linguistic differences. Disjunction – of context is of value. Art galleries create a context for specific affect. The Structural Elite put us in a context to manipulate. By playing with visual and tactile experiences to disrupt the control and create a disruptive narrative. Not to see art but get involved in the creation of art – rather than being put in the hands of so called “experts” - artists. What are artists doing in the contemporary world? What the context does to them? Investigation humans affected. Curators and committees oversee what will be promoted. Artists want to be seen. Art sold changes the value. Jacob Rothschilds – David Hockney. Exploring not explaining. Finding our own narrative. We will create a narrative scrapbook? Collage of Critical Thinking – diversity of actions – weaving a tapestry – another aspect. Tate plaster of paris in linked hands and a conversation about the redevelopment of the Elephant and Castle. Dispelling myths.

3. Frederick Bastiat The Law – precision of terms – simplifies and explains what law is and its function. Defend life, liberty and property? Order followers – to stop progression. Targeting the police and military – where law comes from and how it's been usurped by religion under the heading of morality. Morality evolves when another is involved. The business of living among others – what should we do. Dialogue – democracy and morality – listen to each other. Weaponised by institutions. Morality has been used by religion as tool. We have to agree what is morality. Other groups are doing same thing need reassurance. Reobjectivise with out ideology. In a different language. Concept – challenging police and military with questions. Source of law, what is it there for. Right of self-defence in law. Right to live. Flock or herd will mob a predator. Law is that right extended out to the community – not to impose behaviours or ideology. Did you sign up for this? Michael Mulvey – on the group@ - put our collective effort into a challenge to authority and their use of authority. Arithmetic v geometric – not helpful. Central area is collapsing. Needing a job no matter how lowly or despised. As humans are discarded from work. Morality -

Defining Critical Thinking bringing everything together.