Session 2 on Wednesday on 11th January 2017 - notes

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* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (45 minutes)

2. Critical Thinking support for Norwich University student group - Omar (15 minutes)

2. Exploring astrotheological roots of religion and hierarchy - Pete if available (1hour)
Colonisation of the commons, enslavement and usury. The denigration of art and culture and its fightback.

Session 2 on Wednesday on 11th January 2017 - notes

1. Tony Greenham, ex NEF, RSA. Inclusive economy. ICUK. Private Eye, CoE sheltered housing. Conversation positive. Themed based work. Devolution. London and Manchester. Director of Reforming the Economy. Matthew Taylor – adviser to Theresa May. Sacha Karim Fintech. Positive Money. Banks trying to colonise blockchain etc. World travel – using the law to stop war – make wars history. Illegality of paying tax. 350 attempts to report war crimes. 3 times in prison for non payment of council taxes. Tax rebellion. Causes of human of behaviour – memes to changing behaviour. Portcullis House – diverse audience. Ruth Cadbury – private members bill won't work. Uphold current legislation – ignorance of current laws being contovened. Private criminal prosecution. Conscience? Ignoring that laws are being broken. ICCA crimes against humanity and genocide – ancilllary to. War outlawed in 1928 – crime to wage war. Praying for peace. Hindus spritiual energy for world peace. Solutions: 22nd February 2017 Session Agenda – Chris Coverdale. Underlying. Pray morally, accurately, sincerely, in quantity. Methodology – documented?
2. Interest – creation of money from nothing. Debt. Ideology.
3.Strikes – waste of time. Workers energy. Worker engagement. Brexit – Where to engage.