Session 1 on Wednesday on 4th January 2017 - notes

Welcome to year  6 of Critical Thinking

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (45 minutes)

2. Events and plans for 2017 (1hour 15 minutes)
Exploring the astrotheological roots of religion and hierarchy in forming today's political economy: the colonisation of the commons, enslavement and usury. The denigration of art and culture and its fightback.

Session 1 on Wednesday on 4th January 2017 - notes


Rothschilds Richard Grove – Sarbanes OxleyUltimate History Lesson – John Taylor Gatto. Carroll Quigley – Tragedy and Hope. Deutsche Trotsky. Immortals. Politics and philosophy. Hilsborough. Party politics. Norwegian – immigration. Shock Doctrine - universities closing down humanities. Bums on seats – Elistist subjects. Japan closing down humanities. Specialism. Training. Architectural Association. Why are students here? University = factories. Resurgence – Satish Kumar immgination. Church institutions.n Problem based learning. Pedagogy of the oppressed Paolo Freiri.

Usury, Land and Hierarchy. In the context of the arts. Education and arts. Are we being productive. Technology – endlessly superficial – Twitter. Pearse Redmond Porkins policy radio. Conversations – Radio. Uncovering the truth – rather than opinion. Challenge depth – water is so muddy. Industrial model of education. Basic Income – digital money.. Incentives to work and to buy.