What is Daily Pickings?

The truth often emerges from the unlikeliest sources but is often obscured within misinformation. Daily Pickings hopes to take you on a journey of discovery by connecting social, political and economic issues to the power structures which drive them. Some days, issues or articles are merely highlighted to bring them to your attention.

Daily Pickings' audience represents a spectrum of understanding. New visitors won't necessarily have the "back story" while others are well "up to speed". Satisfying both risks leaving one or the other extreme dissatisfied. Daily Pickings tries to adopt the "middle ground" although it will stray occasionally. The aim is to inform and educate while not alienating anyone as a result of firmly held beliefs.

As Rob (a Critical Thinker living in the US) put it: "Any attempt to communicate with people has to take into account what those people are prepared to believe."

As we become aware of the extent to which we have been lied to, more challenging issues can be tackled but first we need to proceed further down the road. As the scales fall from our eyes, we more readily grasp the difficult facts that upset our world view.