A New Economy - Putney Debate

Friday 9th November 6pm to 8pm

St Mary's Church Hall, Putney High Street, Putney SW15 1SN

Donations to cover the cost of the venue are welcome at the event
Organised by the Critical Thinking project

with Clive Menzies and Janos Abel.

This two hour workshop examines flaws in the economic system, why it cannot be sustained and what an alternative system could look like. The foundations of the New Economy are: the means to life (water, food and housing) for all as a right; land and resources held in common and the benefits shared; alternative currencies to foster greater equality and societal cohesion.

Socially useful banking? - Putney Debate

Monday 29th October 6pm to 8:30pm

Friends Meeting House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

A discussion about banks – what’s making them tick and who they’re serving

with Andy Haldane, Bank of England

Organised by Occupy Economics Working Group

New Putney Debates

To be held at various venues in Central London and Putney

full program and further information available: http://thenewputneydebates.wordpress.com/programme/

Establishing an Economic System that protects the Commons

Wednesday, 24th October, 9am to 4.30pm

School of Economic Science,
11 Mandeville Place London W1U 3AJ

This is part of the second series of James Quilligan seminars on commoning.

A charge is being made for this all day event to cover the cost of the venue and a contribution to James Quilligan's travel expenses from the US: 
£20 (£15 concessions), including lunch and teas/coffees

What are the key economic issues of the day? And what are the practical policy outcomes we need?  Come and take part if you wish to learn or feel you can contribute to the debate.

Organised by the Coalition for Economic Justice, involving Occupy EWG and the Critical Thinking project



October 24th at the The School of Economic Science

convened by John Lipetz of the Coalition for Economic Justice

James Quilligan sets the scene and indicates purpose and direction 

9.00am Registration


[5mins] Chair: John Lipetz – Opening remarks

[20-25min] Introduction by James Quilligan setting out the parameters/principles to be considered by the three break-out sessions on Taxation; Banks and Financial Services;  Money supply and Interest rates.

[30-35 mins] Questions and discussion setting out the basis for the break-out sessions. 

10.30am Coffee/tea break

11.00am to 1.00pm Three Break-out sessions:

 1. Applying the principles of taxation to establish a just system, in short and longer term. 
Chair Tony Vickers:  Ed Randall [10]  David Triggs [10]   Dave Wetzel [10]

 2. Ensuring banks and financial systems serve society effectively.
Chair: Peter Challen:   Greg Fisher [15]  Claudius van Wyk [10]

 3. Money Supply and Interest Rates designed to meet people’s needs
Chair David Dewhurst:   Ben Dyson [10]  Clive Menzies [10]  Sesto Castagnoli [10]

1.00pm  lunch break

2.00pm  Break-out sessions to finalise their conclusions.

2.30pm  Report back by each break-out group and discussion

3.30pm Coffee/tea break

4.00pm  James Quilligan to sum up setting out the potential for future action 

4.30pm Close