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Sex and power

Yesterday's Daily Pickings focused on UK media blindness when it comes to real depravity in power and highlighted how politicians are corrupted and blackmailed, while the public are titillated with salacious tales of sexual misconduct which come nowhere near the real truth. As was pointed out, paedophilia is not an historic problem but integral to the kakistocracy - rule by the very worst in society. Nor is it an exclusively British or European phenomenon.

Donald Trump's misogynistic tweets and remarks receive ample coverage but few will look deeper into his association with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the murky underbelly of US politics.

The Clintons and Democrats are by no means any different in terms of their dubious connections and the idea that these people are "enemies" is so wrong headed. They all move within the same circles of power and party politics are to delude the masses. If voting were likely to achieve anything positive for people, it wouldn't be allowed.

Abdicating responsibility for ourselves, each other and the world to representative government is a futile exercise in hope over experience.

Suffer the little children

Anyone who's studied power and the Structural Elite cannot be ignorant of the significance of paedophilia as a weapon of corruption and control. It is a practice which pervades "authority".

Why have we been subjected to constant media hype of sexual misconduct and titillation in the corridors of power over the last few months? Because it is a smokescreen for something far more sinister which pervades politics, media, the judiciary and police force; it is the age old practice of "burying bad news". In the UK, they've been suppressing damning evidence implicating the treasonous prime minister, Edward Heath, who gave away British sovereignty, Heath stands accused of abusing and murdering boys under the watchful eye of the intelligence services which, as we know, operate on behalf of the criminal banksters who would rule the world.

Edward Heath: Britain's paedophile Prime Minister? by Isabelle Gerretsen
Senior police officer will publish findings into allegations against Heath, in next few weeks.

One would think the conclusions of this investigation would be newsworthy on several counts. Was this hold of the banksters over Heath responsible for taking Britain into the Common Market? This is particularly pertinent in the light of the Brexit vote. More generally, who rules if politicians are corrupted into depravity and then blackmailed?

The allegations against Heath are but the tip of the iceberg. Corruption and paedophilia is endemic; we really are ruled by the worst. Several courageous police whistleblowers have been hounded to the point of insanity, to prevent them disclosing damning evidence of paedophiles in the legislature and judiciary. But some of the evidence is now seeping into public consciousness due to the brave efforts of those prepared to stand against the tide of corruption.

The Child Abuse Cover Up - A Police Whistleblower Speaks
In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column "Despatches from the Front", a Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist, takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK.
He exposes the lies, threats and intimidation used by the police, Local Authorities, Social Services, Politicians, Charities and others to protect Establishment figures and Westminster.
This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way.

UK Column has been championing the cause of vulnerable children and has accumulated copious evidence of the systemic abuse of children and subsequent cover-ups. Abuse victim and whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, is being confined and tortured within the British penal system by former Home Secretary and current Prime Minister, Theresa May, to prevent the scale of abuse being revealed. There is no reason to believe that this sinister practice to corrupt and control those in power has changed since the days of Heath, Brittan, Janner, Smith, Savile et al.

So next time you hear or read titillating stories from the BBC or the rest of the supine, corrupted British media, spare a thought for the vulnerable children and victims of power.

Murky underpinnings of seismic geopolitical events

Critical Thinking's dissection of accepted narratives requires that we explore contradictions and irreconcilable facts; once we start to piece together the puzzles of issues and events, joining the dots as it were, we explore the vital question cui bono? Who benefits? When it comes to major shocks and geopolitical upheavals, there is seldom a simple answer but multiple beneficiaries colluding to achieve their desired goals.

The assassination of John F Kennedy involved multiple motives and players among the conspirators, both domestic and foreign.

Did Israel assassinate JFK? by  Dr Syed Mujahid Kamran
I had only been vaguely aware of the possible Mossad role in the assassination of JFK. However, when I looked at the actual literature on the subject, it has become obvious that it was a job in which Mossad collaborated with sections of the CIA. Both, Israel and the CIA leadership work for the secretive, Freemasonic Zionist international banking families. JFK had run onto a collision course with these families. This article is a part of a detailed article on the assassination of JFK that I am currently writing.

The details of JFK's assassination are complex and deep. This next article is fascinating in its depth and reach.

Atomic Agent Oswald
“We must always remember Bertrand Russell’s profound unanswered question after he had received an advanced copy of the Warren Report. ‘If, as we are told, Oswald was the lone assassin, where is the issue of national security?’ Russell’s question…has never been answered.” –John Chuckman (‘Forty Years of Lies’ November 12, 2003)

If Kennedy's assassination set the tone of US and international politics for the latter decades of the 20th century, 9/11 set the scene for the dystopian nightmare unfolding before us today. As always, money (banksters) rules and invariably drives war, oppression and destruction. Richard Grove's first hand knowledge of the players and organisations surrounding the events of that day provides financial context to 9/11.

Richard refers to AIG (American Insurance Group), a key player in the subprime mortgage debacle that was bailed out to the tune of at least $130Bn, which has a long history of dark dealings; not surprising when we know of its roots: the intelligence services. Banksters and spooks are inextricably intertwined, like Siamese twins.

The Secret (Insurance) Agent Men by MARK FRITZ
A WWII unit gathered underwriters' data, such as bomb plant blueprints, from warring nations, declassified U.S. files show.
They knew which factories to burn, which bridges to blow up, which cargo ships could be sunk in good conscience. They had pothole counts for roads used for invasion and head counts for city blocks marked for incineration.

The saying "Money is the root of all evil" is only true because of usury - it puts control of the levers of power into the hands of the few who can conjure up money and destroy it at will, causing death, destruction and misery. But only as long as we pay homage to their illusion.

In their own words re-visited

From Pete in response to recent Daily Pickings.

"It’s a bit long, but 95% of it is a range of historical quotes from six (i think) important books."


All boxed [boldings] are my additions, bolded words within paragraphs are my emphasis on existing words and not additions, my bold italics introduce each section and occasional comments. All links to quotes at the bottom.

1} British values, U.S. relations and NATO’s role – the Anglo-Saxon mission.

All quotes in section 1}, unless stated otherwise, are taken from “The Empire of the City” by Edwin C. Knuth.

The Five Ideologies of Space and Power in the latter part of the 19th century were;

1} the “One World” Ideology [Crown], 2} the “Pan-Slavic” Ideology [Russia] 3} “Asia for the Asiatics” [Japan/China] 4} “Pan-Germanism” and 5} Pan-American Isolationism.  

The principles and purposes of the British [Crown] Empire, the reasons for which it was conceived and for which were expended vast rivers of sweat and blood and tears in that process of building it by the sword, were laid down in these words by Benjamin Disraeli: "Gain and hold territories that possess the largest supplies of the basic raw materials. Establish naval base around the world to control the sea and commerce lanes. Blockade and starve into submission any nation or group of nations that opposes this empire control program."

The Machiavellian nature of the British [Crown] Government appears from a consideration of British [Crown] policy by Rear Admiral Charles L. Hussey in "The United States and Great Britain," published in 1932 for The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations by The University of Chicago Press, as follows (p. 171): "The British have no written policy, nor even a written constitution ... To undertake to outline British policy, an American must be both capable and daring. It seems the part of wisdom to turn to the British themselves for this. The editor of a British colonial weekly tersely stated it as follows: 'Britain is the workshop of the world. It lives by foreign trade, therefore, to secure and hold markets it must invest money abroad, acquire colonies and control the seas ... The world must be made safe, not for democracy — for that is only a word — but for trade and commerce. ... That is the national policy of the British people [*IS IT?], of both Liberals and Conservatives. It forms the background of all British [Crown] thinking. It is not openly stated, as there is a trace of Oriental secrecy and reticence in England. It is not considered good form to shout one's beliefs from the house-tops." (pg 80/81)

*see section 4} second elephant

Despite the fact that he [Viscount Reginald Esher] was for forty years one of the most powerful statesmen in all the world, his actual position was very obscure, and his name was utterly unknown and has remained unknown to the American public. In a hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate on January 28, 1940, it was developed that his whole position was derived from the fact that he was the most secret confidant and counsel of the "monarchy;" and it is quite apparent that by the term "monarchy" there is here meant the "King-in-Council" or Crown; or in other words the City and International Finance.

Geopolitics, the study of the struggle for space and power,( by Robert Strausz-Hupé 1942) forms a well-developed science with an extensive bibliography, which conclusively impeaches the superficial fabrication, with which the American people in particular have been implanted with consummate cunning, that the great World Wars are caused by brutal attacks upon world law and order, instead of being the fully anticipated consequences of the most diabolical double dealing and planning by the secret "One World" order of "The City."

It is quite evident there is again an entente cordiale existing between the two governments which the people know nothing about; an agreement in violation of any principle of open covenants openly arrived at; an agreement without sanction of the people of the United States or of their representatives in Congress. This would appear in part from a speech at Indianapolis by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox on October 1, 1941, in which he stated that the "great peace-minded, justice-loving" powers the United States and Great Britain — which are "lacking in any desire for personal aggrandizement" must join forces for at least 100 years to produce "by force if need be" an effective system of international law. He went on to say that the British and American navies "ARE sweeping the German pirates from the North Atlantic" and "eventually we shall lock Nazi Germany up in an iron ring, and within that ring of sea-power she shall perish."

Mr. Lea's great work, "The Day of The Saxon," was first published in 1912 in very limited edition, and was republished in 1942 by Harper & Brothers. It can be said to form a major book of the Internationlist "Bible", and is one of the very few works on Internationalism that treats this usually deliberately distorted subject with scholarly candor, being particularly designed for the enlightenment of the elect. The following paragraphs are selected from Chapter II of this book:

"The character of the British Dominion is different from any of the great empires that have preceded it. It not only consists of one-fourth of the land surface, but the suzerainty of the Five Seas. . . . That British rule should, in various degrees of sovereignty exercise its dominion over seventeen-twentieths of the world's surface is significant of just that degree of repression towards all other nations, their rights and expansion by land or by sea.

"Peace and its duration, like war, is determined by natural laws that in their fundamental principles do not vary nor are found wanting.

"In conformity to these laws we find that the future peace of the Empire stands in decreasing ratio and must so continue until it is either destroyed or reaches a point of world dominance.

"There can be no retention of present British sovereignty without the repression of the territorial and political expansion of other nations—a condition that must culminate in war, one war if the Empire is destroyed; a series if it is victorious.

"In this epoch of war upon which the Empire is about to enter, hopes of peace are futile; constitutions and kings and gods are without avail, for these are the old, old struggles that govern the growth and dissolution of national life."

“Empire of the City” (pg 6)

"The Day of The Saxon" BOOK I introduction statement;

It is a law of nature common to all mankind, which no time shall annul or destroy, that those who have more strength and excellence shall bear rule over those who have less. DIONYSIUS.

[The eugenicists’ call to arms?]

To understand the true significance of an empire as vast and fragile as that of the Saxon one must have no fixed opinions concerning its military progression, but must, on the other hand, make the acquisition of such knowledge the basic principle of his patriotism.

The Saxon has marked around this earth, as has no other race before him, the scarlet circle of his power. This thin, red Saxon line, so thin with his numbers, so red with his blood, was made possible only by his heroism [terrorism] and racial fealty [arrogance]. Where this line has not gone man has not found. It has crossed every sea ; it has traversed every desert ; it has sought every solitude; it has passed through swamps where only the sacred ibis fishes; over sands that have never been moistened; over snows that have never melted.

There has been no storm it has not encountered, no pain it has not endured; no race it has not fought, and no disease it has not contended with. This Saxon line has been to the earth a girdle tragic and heroic, binding within itself all the old and great places of the world.

"The Day of The Saxon" by Homer Lea (1912)

2} Why Israel is supported, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of the Jewish people.