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Survival of Spaceship Earth according to the Structural Elite

Unfortunately, James Corbett has restricted access (to Corbett Report subscribers) to his full take on this UN sponsored documentary film from 1972 but the film itself is available on YouTube.

Buckminster Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth was published in 1969 and it is likely this 1972 film was to capitalise, at least to some degree, on Fuller's work. But what the makers of the film and those backing it had in mind was very different to Bucky's ideas.

It was straight out of the new world order handbook - ie. to convince the mass of humanity that they are the problem and that culling the human population is the "solution" to our survival - an interesting inversion: if you want humans to survive as a species "kill yourself" and don't have children.

20 years later, the agenda was fleshed out the UNCED conference with a new twist, global warming, carbon emissions taxation and another Rothschild bank to facilitate the wealth transfer to the perpetrators, the Structural Elite.

Fact: we are farmed as domesticated cattle. How can we know this? By exploring all the evidence, sifting it, analysing it and synthesising it into a narrative which is consistent with the evidence. This is a task beyond the capacity of one or even a few minds. But if we share the task through CoCreative Learning, we begin an unstoppable awakening.

Once we've co-created a shared understanding of our condition, doing something about it will follow.

Middle England reads its way to servitude

Regular readers of the Times, Telegraph, Independent and Guardian newspapers pride themselves on being "well-informed" compared to those who rely on "tabloids" for their news.

This has to be one of the best tricks played on people ever. In the Soviet Union, most people knew the reality of their condition - that they lived in a world of inversion, rather like George Orwell's "Newspeak" in 1984. In the USSR, there was only one version of the news, the State's version, whereas in today's "free society" we can choose the interpretation of issues and events to match our worldview, and most do. No matter that they are ideological variations on the same lies and deception. What's your favourite flavour?

But now a master twist is being added to the mix; not only are you being lied to but if you attempt to look beyond "authorised" sources of information, in order to challenge official narratives, you will be in danger of being imprisoned for 15 years, unless, you are an "accredited" journalist or academic. In other words, only accept the official versions of events, or go to jail.

Why does Britain want to put the public in prison for fact-checking claims in the mainstream media? by Rick Falkvinge
British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced a fifteen-year prison sentence for watching terrorist propaganda, whatever that means this week. There is an exception for academics and journalists with “legitimate reason” to watch the material firsthand. But this also means the general public is going to be banned, under threat of a long prison sentence, from fact-checking such stories in the mainstream media.

If you value freedom and the future of your children, don't participate in this macabre charade. Look beyond "authorised" sources of information - they are the organs of the very worst in society. Whereas, alternative sources come from some of the best, ie. those prepared to speak out in spite of the penalties... being shunned, attacked and vilified on a regular basis. The reason they do, is because they know that ignorance is a "fools paradise".

Freedom requires abandoning those comfortable, familiar habits which keep us as docile as domesticated cattle - such as consuming daily propaganda.

Who's in control?

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to the war on terror and the evolution of the dark state. But who or what is the major influence over US politics?

We can join the dot's if we choose or continue to live in the matrix.

Timeline for terror

The gaping holes in the Las Vegas shooting narrative just get bigger, not least with witnesses referring to multiple "shooters" and the alleged perpetrator's CIA and other connections. Looks like a false flag attack, walks like a false flag attack...

Las Vegas Shooting: An In-depth Analysis. Timeline of Events as They Occurred by Shepard Ambellas
A detailed analysis of Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) radio traffic

This next, more revealing timeline tracks the rising power of the deep state in America starting in 1957 (the roots go back much further but many alive today remember these events from their younger days).

Finding Our Way Back to Truth by Following a String of Facts by Edward Curtin
If you find yourself lost and confused in a dark wood, then perhaps following this network of knots strung on a long string of dates listed below will help you find your way back home, where the bread of truth awaits you on the kitchen table.
We desperately want to believe in a world where we really are children and BIG Daddy (apologies to Burl Ives) has told the truth. And yet we know that is an illusion. Obviously I have reached some stern conclusions, but I think the conclusions follow from the facts. See what you think. Follow these knots. They are a sampling. There are many more.

The only way we can reach a shared understanding of reality and resolve conflict is through co-creative learning; otherwise we're blind, like the blind men of Indostan each describing the elephant while only feeling one, isolated part of the beast. To see the whole requires us to co-create the vision of reality.