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We need to talk

We need to have those difficult conversations with those people with whom we may vehemently disagree because currently our dialogue is conducted through an echo-chamber of misinformation and vitriol. James Damore produced some thoughtful analysis of the "diversity" culture at Google for which he has paid a heavy price. History shows where this will end - in bloodshed, on both sides of the argument.

What we find, when we talk and explore reality, based on evidence, is that there is a lot more we can agree on than divides us. We need to be open to new information and become attuned to the balance and subtleties of arguments. When we do, we are on the way to evolving to a higher state.

The left/right divide is a construct of the current political economy; that is the source of our troubles.


We need to talk.

Grotesque Logic for Venezuela

Over recent years, the CIA has been ramping up their efforts to foment unrest and division to effect regime change across Latin America, repeating the history of the last century. After Argentina fell to the Structural Elite, Venezuela was lined up in the CIA's crosshairs.

Grotesque Logic for Venezuela, The Cuban Revolution and the Second Road of Ana Belén Montes by Prof Susan Babbitt
We hear about violence in Venezuela but not about politically motivated deaths in Mexico, Colombia and Honduras. Rigoberta Menchú, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 for her 10-year campaign against military terror in Guatemala, asked “En nombre de qué lógica” does it make sense to single out Cuba and ignore what is happening elsewhere? So it goes with Venezuela.

Abdul Ocalan (Kurdish PKK leader kidnapped and incarcerated by Turkey) says, freedom for the Kurds will only be possible when all people are free. This is true for Venezuela and all of us. None of us are free as long as any people are oppressed and abused around the world. The oppression, abuse and destruction is systemic and comprehensive - being rolled out across the world.

As long as there is institutional hierarchy, this madness will persist.

Hierarchy and power (51 minute video)

The time bandits

This week's Critical Thinking session discussed plans for an event in September in the context of 10 years after the crash to encourage people to explore ideas of hierarchy, the commons and usury within their own collaborative groups. This followed last week's discussion of adapting "this is a chord, this is another and this is a third.... now form a band."

Now form your own critical thinking group (16 minute video)


This was followed by explanation of Pete's paper on The Time Bandits

Exploring the existence and corruption of ancient knowledge and divine, natural law. Astrotheology, religion, law and Freemasonry. Institutional hierarchy of knowledge - esoteric (obscured) for the cogniscenti; exoteric (advertised) to the masses (followers).


A firing offence

Recently, Daily Pickings referred to how tolerance has become tyranny. The firing of former Google engineer, James Damore, is a case study in "thought police" tyranny. Here's what he wrote:

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber by James Damore
How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion

No doubt many have condemned James without even having read his memo - like most tyranny, it is the manipulative few who incite the ignorant majority.

We need dialogue with the "other" if we are to reverse the spiral into oblivion; as long as we stick to name calling rather than reasoned argument, the trajectory won't change.

Why the Google Memo Brings Forward an Overdue Conversation – Part 2 (‘The Firing’) by Michael Krieger
If you read the memo it’s obvious that the author went out of his way to avoid triggering people who are easily triggered. Whether or not you agree with the conclusions, it was written in a respectful and measured way. He goes out of his way to clarify what he’s saying so as not to be misunderstood.

Google has recently ramped up its censorship algorithms to silence dissenting voices but if you study the origins of Google and its connections (CIA, Bilderberg etc.), why are we surprised?

We need to talk.