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Few people have the time or inclination to properly reflect on what's happening in the world but if we do, a realisation dawns: we are heading into a twilight zone in which reality plays little part. This video expresses strong views on the virtualisation of everything from crypto-currencies to society and how the young are embracing this virtual world with little understanding or thought as to the long term consequences.

Daily Pickings doesn't subscribe wholly to the views expressed in the video but much of it resonates.

Yesterday's UK Column broadcast echoes the disconnect between perceptions and reality, whether it be over Korea, Syria, Russia, the UK's defence infrastructure, the NHS or modern slavery. Note the reference to Rothschilds influence in the long term plans to dismantle the NHS and the welfare state. As Daily Pickings often observes, Rothschilds are seldom witnessed at the scene of their crimes but like black holes in space, we can see their effects.

UK Column News - 17th January 2018
START – Former Armed Forces Minister: dire warning on UK’s fading military power
08:46 – North Korea and South Korea will parade together at the Olympics
10:37 – Japan: fake North Korean missile alert after recent fake alert in Hawaii
12:34 – Syria Government criticised for taking on terrorists…
14:35 – Unesco: Building ‘media trust’ in South East Europe and Turkey
16:23 – George Soros: pledges renewed fight against nationalism…
19:12 – Wendi Deng Murdoch: link to FBI ‘spying’ alert...initiating China-gate…?
21:44 – Loneliness: Government tackling the issue...after creating the problem
23:27 – BBC helping to destroy the NHS…no detail on the causes
29:58 – Thatcher planned to dismantle welfare state...this is Government strategy
31:23 – The Rothschild connection…controlling Government policy
33:40 – The Change Agenda – a reminder of the plan: disruptors everywhere
35:50 – Data Protection Bill: enforcement by blackmail...Leveson 2…?
40:42 – Tackling modern slavery: public are the first line of defence

As Brian rounds off the broadcasts he encourages us to talk about these issues and share information. That is how we can co-create a shared understanding of reality and overturn the fake perceptions peddled by the establishment and mainstream media. Once we understand what's really going on, who rules and who benefits, change is inevitable.

Creative destruction

Daily Pickings recently highlighted how opportunity arises from chaos, specifically referring to the detention of Saudi billionaires by Mohammed bin Salman in early November. Now there is an example, much closer to home in the UK, eloquently described in yesterday's UK Column broadcast as a policy of creative destruction, manifested in the collapse of Carillion.

UK Column News - 16th January 2018
START – Carillion: Directors under investigation…who’s next…?
09:18 – This is all planned: ‘creative destruction’ - a Marxist doctrine
10:46 – Common Purpose CSC leaders: the Carillion connection
13:00 – Carillion auditors: KPMG with Government control…
19:36 – Resilience: City States agenda – Common Purpose again
25:06 – Common Purpose BBC: 83% of Britons don’t trust the BBC
26:48 – Police investigation for wrongdoing, no investigation into child abuse
27:53 – UKIP leader dumps girlfriend but a duplicitous nature never dies
28:47 – Brexit: more creative chaos…Brexit without the Exit
30:37 – IFS: problem debt and low-income households – organised collapse
33:46 – Hawaii missile scare: just an accident…?
35:37 – Russian TU-160s on patrol in International airspace: RAF scrambled 
37:48 – Consortium News: The FBI hand behind ‘Russia-gate’
39:38 – Syria: Russian diplomat says US not interested in territorial integrity

There is little doubt that the criminal cartel banks knew of Carillion's likely demise a year ago. RBS and Lloyds both made provisions against their loans to the company.

State-owned bank RBS made provisions last year to cover potential losses against its loans to Carillion. And yet the government and public sector continued to give Carillion new business. Appalling! @FT

Daily Pickings frequently refers to this Ponzi political economy and this is not the "Tories"; the PFI scam really took off under Blair and Brown and is yet another manifestation of the Shock Doctrine: Steal common assets, load the public sector with debt and provide shoddy facilities management. Our problem can be ascribed to three fundamental causes - it's not rocket science but the major impediment to change is the reluctance to face the truth. We are farmed and hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury are the means by which we are "domesticated". Learning this is the first step to transformation.



Victims blame themselves

Please read this article - it touches on the essence of our predicament. We, the relatively privileged, blame "the system", "the man" etc., while the powerless and the blameless, blame themselves.

In Almost All Western Colonies No Alternative Views Allowed, Victims Blame Themselves by Andre Vltchek
Her name is Cinta, which in Bahasa Indonesia means simply Love.
She lives in a tiny village near Sukadana town, in Indonesian West Kalimantan, otherwise known as Borneo – the biggest island in Asia, the second biggest in the world – now totally destroyed by unbridled logging, palm oil plantations and mining,perpetrated by countless,and due to corruption and savage capitalism, unregulated local and multi-national companies.
Nearby Sukadana there is a national park, Gunung Palung. It is vast and by Indonesian standards, well guarded, although even here, at its edges, several desperate local people are beginning to burn the ancient forest, while engaging in various other nature-destroying commercial activities.
I talked to them and soon I understood: they actually have no choice. Nothing is given to them by the state, and they have to live. They have to survive, somehow.

Yet, perhaps the poor aren't powerless. Daily Pickings recently posted a video on how those in the know can tell the truth through fiction. The poor and the vulnerable can also enlighten the world through fiction. The film Trash has a powerful message for us all. When the main character, 14 year old Rafael, is asked why he would risk death or worse, he responds because it is right.

Trash the movie
Set in Brazil, three kids who make a discovery in a garbage dump soon find themselves running from the cops and trying to right a terrible wrong.

Former colonies are victims of the same political economy which domesticated the colonial masters' own populations. The Shock Doctrine has its roots in imperial practice over millennia: destroy indigenous culture and practices to steal resources and enslave populations. Now, the ruling classes of those former colonies beg for the Shock Doctrine in order to become "competitive". The Shock Doctrine is no longer restricted to "other nations" but is implemented globally as the default economic model independent of politics.

The latest UK financial scandal, Carillion, is emblematic of this sick and twisted system - the blame game in the fallout is reaching a crescendo, after which the world will quickly move on to the next distraction. But we need to pause and think.

Yes we should blame ourselves. It is our belief in hierarchy and this system which has brought us here and we have only ourselves to blame. It is time to take responsibility to understand the world as it is rather than the illusion with which we are presented.

We have no choice other than to be optimistic

Winston Churchill, at the apex of Europe’s desperation, amid the darkest period the second world war, said “conditions have become so dismal that we have no choice other than to be optimistic.”

It may seem perverse to quote Winston Churchill, puppet of the Structural Elite, who was complicit in the plots to ensnare Germany in two world wars but it brings out an important point. Few people are wholly "good" or "evil" and those with whom we may vehemently disagree on many issues and events are capable of expressing wisdom. For example, exposing the man-made climate change hoax allies one with some strange bedfellows. However, we digress.

The quotation is from a recent paper which connects Natural Inclusion, indigenous wisdom and the reality of nature. It augments yesterday's Daily Pickings on mind control and astrotheology and comes via the extended Critical Thinking community.

Natural Inclusionality, Indigenous Wisdom and the Reality of Nature by Jeff Firewalker Schmitt
“Can we talk of integration until there is integration of hearts and minds? Unless you have this, you only have a physical presence, and the walls between us are as high as the mountain range.” – Chief Tsleil-Wauthth (Dan George)

Also from the Critical Thinking community, comes this:

Alvin and Heidi Toffler – In Memory of the Deceased Future Part 1 by Ola Alexander Frisk
To grasp what goes on today. Or even better. To get what NOT goes on or the massive contemporary confusion, it is helpful to study quite recent ideas and arguments about the future.
The true masterminds of to understand the next steps from the epoch of simple manufacturing were Alvin (1928–2016) and Heidi Toffler.

To learn is to live and developing our understanding of our relationship with the universe and each other becomes the inspiration for optimism.