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Silencing yourself

As the echo chamber of hate and vitriol spirals out of control, we need to know that curbing the freedom of others, will imprison us all and end in disaster.

atmen - silencing yourself


Trust no-one in power

When Ronald Reagan became US president, many did a double-take but a "B" movie actor is/was ideally placed to play the role of "Commander-in-Chief", selling Shock Doctrine policy to the masses while the kleptocracy continues its run for global control. Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) was shoehorned into place courtesy of the banksters and CIA - we escaped the bullet with Hilary's defeat (only to get something no better). Barak Obama was a masterstroke in deception - came from nowhere, to dupe the world that change was on the way after the mayhem wrought by George W Bush and his handlers (with "Pappy" HW pulling strings), only to get a free pass (and a Nobel peace prize) to bomb the shit out of more countries and kill more people than his predecessor. The Donald Trump show continues to distract and divide as intended but who else may be in line for a shot at headline billing?

Zuckerberg for President 2020! by James Corbett
Look at that. Do you see it? The pieces are sitting there on the table. All we have to do is fit them together.
But it's as if a Medusa head has been cut up into a jigsaw puzzle; simply piecing it together would create a picture too ghastly for anyone to behold. So I'll let you assemble the picture for yourself...

Politics is theatre to divide, distract and mislead while the real agenda rolls out unnoticed. It should be clear by now that irrespective of which puppet is on the throne, banksters rule and everyone else is in their pocket.

So what's the way out of the dystopia? Don't play. Don't watch their news and where possible, don't use their money or buy their stuff, don't accept what they promote.

We must learn to trust ourselves and each other rather than a system we can never trust.

Who's a Nazi?

One of the favourite labels being applied over Charlottesville (by both sides) is Nazi, founded on a false perception of history which has been crafted to remove a major obstacle to one world government, nationalism. This post is not a defence of nationalism but we need to recognise humans' propensity to identify with their culture and peers - that is a debate for another time.

"Nazi" is now accepted as the incarnation of evil but is this justified? Only if you accept the mythology of the holocaust. Many honorable and diligent investigators have sought to expose the myth but the propaganda has been so effective that they are shunned, incarcerated and silenced.

Holocaust Revisionism by Mark R. Elsis
This article is dedicated to everyone before me who has been ostracized, vilified, reticulated, set up, threatened, lost their jobs, bankrupted, beaten up, fire bombed, imprisoned and killed for standing up and telling the truth on this historical subject.

What Germany was suffering in the 1930s is the same sort of choreographed madness we see today unfolding globally; let's not forget Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 and the Structural Elite had virtually destroyed the country in the humiliating peace terms at Versailles in 1919. Goebbels refers to International Jewry in his critique but that "label" is as misleading as the term Nazi. It is the Structural Elite (cuckoos in the Jewish nest) who've been manipulating Jews and the rest of us for centuries as they've grown their power and wealth.


The arc of the destroyer

First, a sober assessment of the madness taking hold in America (which follows the madness which decimated Afghanistan, the Middle East, Ukraine and is now manifest in Venezuela and across Europe) in which ignorant, malleable humans are whipped into a frenzy of tribal hate and conflict.

Americans are Rapidly Descending Into Madness by Michael Krieger
While I’m only in control of my own behavior, this doesn’t mean that the behavior of others is irrelevant to my life. Unfortunately, what I see happening to the population of America right now seems very troublesome and foreboding. What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical. People are rapidly morphing into radicalized mental patients.

In addition to making sense of current events, putting them into context of our analysis, Critical Thinking is exploring the boundaries of human knowledge. One aspect, currently under discussion, is astrotheology which appears to underpin not just religion but also law and "government" of the planet. This is a huge topic and the following recording is an introduction to some concepts: the circularity of time and the cycles of the creator, preserver and destroyer: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

For those who regard this as a "tiresome" diversion, please note the mention of 1765 and the British coronation coach still in use today. The symbology is indicative of a continuity of power which is reflected in Critical Thinking's analysis of the Structural Elite which includes the British monarchy. It would seem there is some correlation between geopolitical upheaval and astrological arcs of time.

Our exploration of astrotheology, religion, law, freemasonry, commerce and government is in its very early stages and we've yet to draw any compelling conclusions but in parallel with our other work, we are noting "ominous continuities" which are indicative of a structure or framework in which human society has been ordered.