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Acceptable sexual misconduct

Have you noticed how outrage over sexual misconduct is aired only when it is within the confines of what people accept as "normal" behaviour? Normalised in the sense that it's between adults, seldom extends to rape and is a function of the power asymmetry between the sexes, eg. the "casting couch", employer/employee and other "power" relationships.

Real depravity is rarely exposed and certainly not when committed by those in power. Control of the narrative ensures that deviant, sometimes ritualistic, abuse, torture and murder of children is never revealed but it is a fundamental underpinning of the power structures which control the political economy and the elevated cattle appointed to subjugate the rest of us.

Paedophilia is the weapon of choice to corrupt those in power, irrespective of political affiliation. So while, it is acceptable to highlight misogynistic practices of opponents, exposure of real depravity is never acceptable in political "debate". Over recent years, Pearse Redmond has explored paedophilia in power with some of those investigating it; here is his latest show on the subject.

Investigative reporters Wayne Madsen and Andrew Kreig join me today to discuss their recent investigation into Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein's 1994 rape of a 12 year old girl name “Maria.”  We begin by talking about the tip that led them to look into this case.  We then look into Maria's hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut and the circumstances surrounding her abduction outside of Nash's Pizzeria.  Wayne and Andrew discuss Waterbury's history of covering up sexual abuse scandals...more

We're farmed and the elevated cattle are seduced into depravity to ensure they keep us domesticated. Are we really so scared of truth that we accept this?

Poisoning the well

The assaults on our physical well-being, our souls and our psyches are constant in the modern world. Many of them are unavoidable; they're in the atmosphere and the food chain. We can, however, take steps to purify our bodies of the toxins which accumulate. Distilled water is suggested by a growing number of people as a means of removing toxins. We know there are damaging compounds in our water supply and people are deluded into thinking that bottled water is somehow purer.

Watch the following video and decide for yourself whether fancy branded water in plastic bottles is any better than treated tap water.

This video is now also on our Bitchute channel because it is so important.

WATER TEST (5 minute video)

Why is CoCreative Learning so powerful?

Daily Pickings often refers to the power of co-creation which is a fundamentally, natural process. When humans co-create, the result is immensely more powerful than the sum of the parts, ie. greater than 1+1+1+1 etc. Why should that be? One aspect is emergence, which occurs throughout nature.

There is possibly a spiritual/esoteric dimension to co-creation which we're currently exploring in the context of astrotheology. What we can say with certainty is that CoCreative Learning works such that its power has to be experienced to be believed and truly understood, It comes naturally to us; the only impediment today is the current political economy which is structured and organised to limit co-creative learning wherever possible, primarily through compartmentalisation and deference to "experts" or authority, aka. thought police. But we are free to think for ourselves, if we choose.

War on the streets of Europe

Mainstream media is studiously ignoring the current war in Europe which commenced on 2nd September 2015 and was splashed across global media. It wasn't heralded as the start of the war on the streets of Europe but as a humanitarian crisis, the poster for which was the iconic, choreographed photograph of 3 year-old Aylan Kurdi. As Daily Pickings pointed out at the time, up until that point, there had been little concern expressed for refugees of the successive wars conducted under the pretext of the false flag attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon on 11th September 2001. For fourteen years, we'd bombed and killed with impunity across Afghanistan and the Middle East and yet few expressed real sympathy for the victims. We were told we were under attack from Islamic extremists and that justified everything, The war has come home to Europe.

Interview with a German journalist: “Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe.” by VOICE OF EUROPE
Germany is no longer the same country compared with before 2015. There’s now only one topic: The migration crisis. Of course this is also connected with the discussion about Islam and its “excesses” that we have been experiencing for years in this country through Muslim migrants and those that will come in the future.

This current war, on the streets of Europe, is a new phase in the war on us all: the human cattle. Induced mass migration has its genesis in the Coudenove-Kalergi plan written in the decade following the emasculation of Germany at the treaty of Versailles and in the midst of the corruption of German culture. The Structural Elite are playing a long game in the destruction of nation states and the enslavement of Europeans. We know who is behind this and they work through their Jewish power proxies in media, academia, think tanks and all the other levers of power.

The evidence has been accumulating over decades and has been collected and shared through the process of CoCreative Learning. The Critical Thinking community has collected, assimilated, analysed and synthesised this information into a cogent narrative which accords with the facts. We are not alone and we are certainly not the first. Academics such as Carroll Quigley and Anthony Sutton were talking and writing of the hidden power wreaking havoc decades ago. Recently, we've been told of another book, published in 1971, which is depressingly prescient.

NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham
Since people of the Jewish faith have been the number one historical victims of the Communist Conspiracy, we wish every member of our faith would carefully read this book so they will become aware of the forces which often attempt to manipulate them. Dr. Barney Finkel — President, The Jewish Right

It is time for us all to "wake up and smell the coffee" because we're sleepwalking into disaster for Europeans and migrants alike.