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Making sense of Myanmar (Burma)

Many people express views on conflicts on the basis of what they are told by media (and we know what unreliable sources dominate the media landscape). Before "jumping on the bandwagon" to condemn or support one side or the other, we need to understand the context. So much of our flawed understanding of the world comes from having insufficient understanding of context and all the factors at work, particularly when it comes to conflict or war.

This document provides some context for the rising conflict in Myanmar (the images are pixelated and if anyone has a better copy, it would be much appreciated email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Conflict and Violence in Arakan (Rakhine) State, Myanmar (Burma)
What is Happening, Why and What to do?

NHS - sacred cow illusion

The UK's healthcare system came into being post war (WW2) - its original conception was based on preventative measures, diet, exercise, etc. to promote healthy living but that wasn't going to satisfy the Rockefeller created healthcare industry in which profit trumps patients.

On the latest Questions for Corbett someone asks the question, how did healthcare work for the poor prior to the NHS and Medicare in the US etc.? James refers to an essay by Roderick T Long and this handy video explanation.

Those of us who get teary eyed over the dismantling/privatisation of the NHS need to think a bit harder. In its original form, the NHS was a one-stop government customer with little price sensitivity, allowing big pharma and medical suppliers to charge the maximum they could get away with. Privatisation could theoretically introduce some competition into the mix but we all know how the lobby/indoctrination system works to ensure that won't happen: "Competition is a sin" - JD Rockefeller.

However, mutual aid healthcare, within and between communities, is not only viable but by far the most effective means of sustaining human health while reopening access to nature's remedies without financial or criminal penalties.

Whether vested in the state or corporations, centralised power is what kills.

History is the key to our future

Recent Daily Pickings have referred to the need for us to engage with the "other" to co-create a shared understanding of how the world works. Our worldviews have been manipulated by the perversion of history which is invariably written under the direction of those who control academia and other levers of power, to shut off or close down dissenting voices and bury contradictory evidence.

Nowhere are there more egregious lies, embraced by the majority, than when it comes to accounts of WW2; the holocaust narrative, created through the kangeroo court at Nuremberg, is now entrenched in mainstream beliefs. But the realities of WW2 and the alleged Jewish holocaust are now emerging and understood by growing numbers of people. However, the number of first hand accounts available are diminishing as that wartime generation passes on. We need to listen to these voices who speak out, often at great personal risk and expense, because a shared understanding of history is essential to co-create a shared understanding of the world today.

The late Ernst Zendel spent much of his life researching and exposing the lies around the holocaust, often quoting Jews to reveal the extent of the deception. Here he is interviewed by an Israeli journalist. When approaching the holocaust as an area of study, we must adhere to the principles of thinking critically, rather than letting emotions or inculcated beliefs rule. In this interview there are unpalatable views expressed on race justified by statistics with no real context but that aside, it is a powerful interview and all credit to the unnamed Israeli journalist.


Terror, real and imagined

The war on terror has spawned a whole new industry: simulated terror attacks. Notably, terror "simulations" precede or coincide with real terror attacks. eg. in the cases of 9/11 in the US and 7/7 in the UK, there were simulations of attacks in progress on the day. The Daily Mail reported on a terror drill at the Cannes film festival in April 2016.

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to the recent "shooting" in Las Vegas, revealing the strange mismatch between what is claimed and what we learn from multiple witnesses - they don't tally. It will be a while before a thorough, plausible take-down of the official Las Vegas narrative comes together.

The Boston marathon "bombing" in 2013 has been comprehensively deconstructed and the official narrative demolished yet most people are unaware that it was yet another false flag attack. Yesterday's Daily Pickings highlighted how the Tsarnaev brothers were set up as patsies by the FBI. 

Dave McGowan put together a narrative using multiple images from the scene immediately after the explosion. In nearly 4 hours of discussion, Dave takes us, image by image, through a narrative which clearly shows how most of the injured are "crisis actors" hired for the job. Dave died from cancer 6 months after the interview and this video was removed from YouTube. It is essential viewing, if we are to understand how we are played in the war on terror.

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 269 David McGowan Talks Boston Marathon (3 hour and 57 minute video)