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White Helmets illusion and the guilty

Yesterday's Daily Pickings focused on the duplicitous and mendacious mainstream media and referred to UK Column as a source of honest reporting.

Yesterday's UK Column broadcast was devoted to Vanessa Beeley's take-down of the White Helmets narrative and the web of media organisations, government departments and NGOs perpetuating the illusion.

UK Column News - 2nd February 2018 (37 minute video)
Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News, looking at who is behind the latest White Helmets documentary: Channel 4, the BBC and the Guardian.

Other parties to the White Helmets conspiracy mentioned are: the Bertha Foundation, Doc Society, Netflix, Sundance Film Festival, Henry Ford Foundation, George Soros's Open Society Foundation, Grasshopper Films, the Clinton Foundation, the UN, the Threshold Foundation and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

It is obvious to anyone who's been taking notice that the White Helmets are the public relations arm of ISIS, Daesh etc. and that the latter is the guerrilla, terrorist wing of NATO, formed, armed and supported by Israel, US, UK, Saudi Arabia etc. This is media promotion of perpetual war being funded by taxpayers and "charities".

In the final analysis, we are complicit if we don't call out the lies and deception.

Does "news" make sense?

If you watch the BBC or read mainstream press, take note of what is reported and then revisit what you noted sometime later when absorbing the news; you'll soon notice the inconsistencies and contradictions. The lies persist because MSM and the establishment rely on our collective amnesia born of the deceptions and distractions spewed out on a daily basis.

Yesterday's Daily Pickings was a summary of Critical Thinking's analysis to date. If you watch/read the news with that analysis in mind, you'll spot the inconsistencies and contradictions almost immediately, Fake news is the common fare because the establishment has much to hide and it accumulates daily. The desperation, to cover up corruption, crime and paedophilia within the institutions of power, is palpable.

Try watching UK Column daily and you'll soon get a sense of the depths of duplicity and mendacity. You may not always agree with their interpretations of events and issues but you can rely on UK Column for honest reporting, absent in the mainstream.

UK Column News Archive

Daily Pickings often refers to alternative sources of news and analysis and there are plenty out there but always be sceptical and learn which sources are most reliable on which issues. Diversity is key: diversity of voices, diversity of sources and diversity of information. By following this practice, we begin to make sense of the world.

Critical Thinking's analysis explained

The latest iteration of Critical Thinking's analysis was published in October 2017 and we were invited to present our analysis and the concept of CoCreative Learning to IMCD last Saturday.


These are references from the presentation and Q&A:

Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Blind men and the elephant

Self organised learning (SOLE)

Sugata Mitra's TED talk

Debian free, open source software

Wengrove and Graeber on hierarchy

Debt, the first 5000 years

The Corbett Report

Richard Grove:

Miraculous Abundance

Andrew Gavin Marshall on US universities


Zurich study on TransNational Corporation ownership

Banking/intelligence nexus

Origins of the FED

Mark Passio on Astrotheology

Descent from spirit into matter

The century of the self

Psychology and freedom

Common Purpose on UK Column

The Guernsey Pound

Yannis Varoufakis

Latent war within temporary peace

Bernadette Devlin was reviled by the British establishment and Unionists in Northern Ireland but admired within the minority Catholic community. This interview with Mark McGowan reveals why she is a polarising figure; she speaks truth to power. She explains how the two sides in the Irish conflict were told differing narratives based on irreconcilable promises. That is no recipe for enduring peace in Northern Ireland or anywhere else.

Bernadette has spoken truth to power from the beginning of her emergence into the public sphere.

Divide and control is the modus operandi of Structural Elite working through empire (formerly the British empire and latterly the US). As long as we accept the weasel words of empire, there will never be an enduring peace, be it in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and beyond.

Hierarchy is the source of war, not people; the State is terror.