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Of gods, transhumans and aliens

Daily Pickings' references to ancient and deeper knowledge can provoke expressions of scepticism; we are right to be sceptical. However, cumulatively, information from independent sources suggests there is a lot we don't know of our origins. We cannot explain, in today's "rational" mainstream narrative, the inexplicable, such as the extensive tunnels and chambers below ground in Ecuador. In this video, Richard Sauder reads from Erich von Daniken's The Gold of the Gods.

Today, we are wont to dismiss such phenomena as interesting but not relevant to our lives. But we need to understand our history to understand the present and prepare for the future.

In this technologically sophisticated age, we're enthusiastically embracing ideas simply because they are feasible. Transhumanism is a reality today and the momentum towards a dystopian nightmare of controlled, hybrid humans appears to be unstoppable as we clamour for the latest "techno toys". If ever there has been a time for humans to think deeply, it is today.

We are already farmed but the process is not, as yet, irreversible. Soon it may be...

The big conservation lie

Daily Pickings has highlighted the Rothschild/Rockefeller plan for a worldwide wilderness under the fabricated pretext of climate change. We have also pointed to the theft of resources under the cover of Tony Blair's "intervention" in Sierra Leone and other examples of the strategy to benefit the Structural Elite. A year ago we highlighted a story of Rothschilds forcing native pygmies off their land to allow elephant hunting by the rich. There is no mention of Rothschilds in the following video but like black holes in space, we can observe their devastating influence.

In this critique of conservation you will hear reference to WWF (and AWF), a Rockefeller proxy NGOs to facilitate the new world order. "Conservation" is about dealing with "problems" aka. human beings but the people affected are rarely consulted. Source: THE WRONG KIND OF GREEN

Conservation is part of the wider Agenda 30 for "Sustainable Development" covered in Daily Pickings a week ago which prompted Adam to respond with this.

Harvested from Facespook:

AGENDA 2030 EXPLAINED by Frances Leader

I cannot emphasise enough how important Agenda 2030 is to every human alive today & even those unborn.

Please consider what the United Nations is really doing.

Here are the Global Goals of Sustainability & the true meaning behind each one.


Hijacked? Las Vegas false flag attack

Theories, of what happened in Las Vegas at the beginning of October, are many and various. This is long and only part of a much more intense investigation. Although it is building a picture from multiple perspectives, there is insufficient evidence to draw definitive conclusions. However, it presents a plausible thesis based on multiple witness accounts and some physical evidence.

Key Tropicana Witness Bombshell Videos / Shooter on Roof of MB? / Multiple Shooters Proven (3 hour 8 minute video)

What emerges is that there were multiple shooters and multiple "incidents" at other locations. This suggests a much larger operation than just the shootings at Mandalay Bay hotel which appears to have been planned as a false flag attack with crisis actors. The thesis presented, although as yet incomplete, is that there was a planned false flag attack at the Mandalay Bay but that it was hijacked and expanded to incorporate multiple shooters with some on the roofs of at least two other hotels. The Aria went on "lockdown" at 10pm with guests and staff locked in the basement. At 11:30pm the Paris hotel went on "lockdown" and the police channel went "dark" - scanners ceased to pick up communication. There was a bomb threat at the Luxor hotel and at least one shooter and multiple "bodies" at the Tropicana hotel.

There is also a suggestion that the "Vegas Strong" meme was ready and waiting with advertisements, billboards, buttons etc. possibly prepared in advance - confirmation is being sought in the form of purchase orders etc.

This analysis provides some perspectives on the Las Vegas shootings but without independent corroboration and verification, it should be treated with some circumspection. An open co-created narrative would be better but in the circumstances, will take more time to emerge.

What is not in doubt is that these events have a purpose and that is to keep the human cattle divided, distracted and afraid. When we understand that these events are not random but planned by the forces we keep in power, taking that power away becomes possible.

More context on Myanmar

Yesterday's Daily Pickings provoked some to suggest the document posted is a "cover up" of the Rohingya "genocide". While there may be some inaccuracies in the document, framed from a Arakanese perspective, it lends credence to the understanding that both sides are victims of a bigger geopolitical game.

The Rohingya of Myanmar – Pawns in an Anglo-Chinese Proxy War Fought by Saudi Jihadists by Moon of Alabama
Media attention is directed to some minor ethnic violence in Myanmar, the former Burma. The story in the “western” press is of Muslim Rohingya unfairly vilified, chased out and killed by Buddhist mobs and the army in the state of Rakhine near the border to Bangladesh. The “liberal human interventionists” like Human Rights Watch are united with Islamists like Turkey’s President Erdogan in loudly lamenting the plight of the Rohingya.
That curious alliance also occurred during the wars on Libya and Syria. It is by now a warning sign. Could there be more behind this than some local conflict in Myanmar? Is someone stocking a fire?

As Daily Pickings has pointed out before, Aung San Suu Kyi is another elevated puppet of the Structural Elite but the division and conflict being fomented by related interests are clearly not in her immediate political interest. It does, however, threaten Chinese interests and present justification for "intervention" - military and economic.