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Critical Thinking is a collaborative, educational project relying on contributions from diverse sources.

Obstacles on the road to one world government

Daily Pickings' primary function is to put events and issues into the context of Critical Thinking's analysis; for example, there are usually multiple causes/triggers for war but, almost without exception, they are a product of the global power system. The Structural Elite don't necessarily plan and coordinate every conflict but the system of incentives, penalties and coordinated propaganda make them inevitable. In the Middle East, the major conduit of Structural Elite power is Israel, supported by the US proxy empire and its vassal NATO collaborators.

How and why Israel masterminded the war in Syria by Whitney Webb
With some anticipating the long-awaited conclusion of the Syrian conflict, recent threats from Israel's government to assassinate Assad by bombing his residence seemed to appear out of the blue. According to the Jerusalem Post, a senior Israeli official accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a recent visit to Russia warned the Kremlin that if Iran continues to "extend its reach" in Syria, Israel would bomb the presidential palace in Damascus. 
Israel's comments should come as no surprise, however, as the foreign-funded and manufactured conflict in Syria was always Israel's war. The only real surprise is Israel's growing isolation in pushing for the further escalation of the conflict.

Propaganda plays a major part to ensure the elevated cattle follow the script and the common herd remain docile and compliant. Media are coordinated and, on Syria, they all play their part in obscuring the true nature of the conflict. That the anti-Assad forces are primarily driven by external forces and glamorised by Hollywood and mainstream television. Channel 4 seems to be running point on Syria,

How We Were Misled About Syria: Channel 4 News by Tim Hayward
Asked by a journalist from a mainstream publication why she seemed to be challenging ‘all these absolutely documentable facts that we’ve seen from the ground’, she [Eva Bartlett] pointed out that he was referring to a hearsay narrative, not facts, because ‘sources on the ground? You don’t have them.’...
...This neat side-stepping of the first problem, however, put Channel 4’s coverage at risk of succumbing to the second problem highlighted by Eva Bartlett: any testimony coming out of opposition-held areas has to be considered compromised. For we have to assume that whatever is reported from the opposition-held area is only what those with the guns will permit. So the presumption must be that information coming out is unlikely to be the whole truth and may contain untruths.

If we consume these lies, we pollute our minds and add to the problem by giving them an audience; ratings give the lies credence. Not only should we avoid watching or reading the propaganda, we should avoid referencing them at all. Difficult when we're trying to highlight their mendacity. However, if we promote the alternatives, such as the articles above and other independent information and news sources, we stand a chance of weaning more of the human cattle off their daily diet of propaganda. Once that happens it's game over for the system and their genocidal wars.

Be an obstacle on the road to one world government!

Defending free speech and access to information

Anyone who looks beyond mainstream narratives will be aware of the growing threats to free speech and access to information. Critical Thinking set up a BitChute/SpkOut channel recently to put out its own work, independent of YouTube, and to preserve video content which is under threat of censorship. Clearly, this is a big task but we've made a start. Investigation of Jewish power and the holocaust is often subject to attack in an attempt to close down debate; three videos dealing with these issues have recently been uploaded.

The first is an important Israeli documentary on how the myth of anti-Semitism is fabricated and a growing number of Israeli teenagers are being indoctrinated into fearing the "other" - "everybody hates us".

Defamation (1 hour 31 minute video)
2009 Documentary by Israeli Jew about the marketing and manipulation of antisemitism and the indoctrination of Israeli children into the victim mentality.

The second is an American Jew explaining the parallels between the crypto-currency hype surrounding Bitfinex and Tether and the lies which have accumulated to support the holocaust narrative.

My Jewish Upbringing, My American Values (51 minute video)
An American Jew discusses cognitive dissonance in the context of Bitfinex and Tether scam and the lies surrounding the holocaust.

The third has been posted on Daily Pickings before but via YouTube and already some versions aren't accessible in some countries.

Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust (6 minute video)
Monika Schaefer was born to German parents in Canada and for most of her life, blamed her parents for not intervening or speaking out against the claimed atrocities. Too late to apologise to them when she discovered the truth, she produced this video. 

"Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of "Holocaust country" while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This "trial" was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the "Anti Censorship Coalition" (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012. The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the "State Prosecutor" did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the "witch" trials of 2018."

Letting the light into dark places is the best disinfectant for humanity; we have nothing to fear from truth.

Collapse is coming, what's the answer?

Progressive iterations of Critical Thinking's analysis have exposed the flaws and instabilities in the political economy and Daily Pickings has often pointed to the signs of, and reasons for, imminent collapse. That these have been ignored hitherto is not surprising; those with a vested interest in manintaining the status quo (many see this as how to protect themselves, their families, communities and companies) practice willful blindness because to acknowledge or explore the deep issues is to expose oneself to ridicule, opprobrium or worse. But now, those who have an inking of how the system works are coming out publicly to declare what has been apparent for some years. Collapse is coming.

World’s Financial System is the ‘Most Stretched Since 2008’, Warns OECD Economist by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The world financial system is as dangerously stretched today as it was at the peak of the last bubble but this time the authorities are caught in a ‘policy trap’ with few defences left, a veteran central banker has warned.
Nine years of emergency money has had a string of perverse effects and lured emerging markets into debt dependency, without addressing the structural causes of the global disorder.

Tell us something we didn't know! Many have been warning of the perverse effects of central banking "intervention" for years. Richard Werner's Princes of the Yen exposes how central banks impose financial repression to bring about structural "adjustment", a euphemism for banksters stealing all the real assets through the Shock Doctrine. Boom and bust is orchestrated by central and global banks operating under the auspices of the privately owned Bank of International Settlements in Basel. The signal for the coming collapse was Janet Yelland stepping down from the FED to give a "hospital pass" to the incoming Gentile "pigeon".

Having stepped down, she's now calling "time" on the global economy.

Another clue to the upcoming bloodbath – Outgoing Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, questions asset bubbles
First, we had Bonesman and US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin talking down the US dollar. Then we had Alan Greenspan, the former USFed Chair who deftly guided last decade’s well-scripted collapse, talking of asset bubbles. Now, we can add Janet Yellen to the lengthening list of puppets who are carrying out their scripted talking points to accelerate this growing manufactured “crisis” timeline.

Collapse is no longer a bone of contention, it's on its way and the banksters are preparing the ground to fleece the fallen, yet again. If we don't get that the world is ruled by criminals by now, we have only ourselves to blame. We've allowed and supported this by abdicating responsibility to others who, in turn, have been corrupted by greed, sex and fear.

What's to be done? There is only one way out of this. To reject corrupt authority. Irrespective of the motivation of individuals within the system, they will never "do the right thing". If we believe in this system, we have no idea of the problem. But there is a solution and it starts with us. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and each other, because the sharing economy is not a Utopian fantasy.

The sharing economy is not a Utopian fantasy

Sometimes, when it is suggested that we transition from a competitive to a co-operative political economy, the notion is dismissed as Utopian fantasy. Such rejection trips off the tongue because there is so little understanding of how we got to the current state of affairs and of the real possibility of an alternative way of living.

First, why is our current political economy based on competition? Fear. Primarily fear of death which renders us easily controlled and manipulated. And fear of the future. That we will not have enough. That either through illness or ill-fortune we will be left with insufficient to survive or to live "well". And then there is fear of what others may think of us, fear of loss of status. Fear accumulates within our being which leads to competition, to hoarding, to selfishness and all the evils that we perpetrate upon each other.

Critical Thinking's analysis has revealed all this but more importantly it's exposed how and why we can evolve to a collaborative paradigm. How, is by reaching a shared understanding of where we are and how we got here. Why, is because how we live today is not our natural proclivity or inclination. We're hard wired to collaborate. We just need to let go of fear.

But how? We need to understand that sharing knowledge and resources is the key to our evolution, to a sharing economy. Cooperation and collaboration will endow us with unimaginable power to solve the world's problems

Where's the evidence? Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organisations shows how self-organisation can solve the most complex problems - the political economy cannot be planned or managed but it can self-organise. Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer have shown how, by combining accumulated farming technology and wisdom, we can feed the world many times over. There is much more supporting evidence besides, collected within Daily Pickings and distributed throughout the internet.

We have the tools, ie. the means, to make the sharing economy a reality; we just need to let go of our fears and commit to learning how to co-create a shared understanding.

The parable of the five loaves and two fishes isn't about a miracle in the literal sense. It was a miraculous shift in shared understanding among the multitude, that by sharing what they had everyone was fed. If we look after everyone else to ensure their well-being, we are all assured a miraculous future. So don't fear the future, embrace it. And don't fear death because understanding reveals this life is but a temporary manifestation of our being in the evolution of universal consciousness.