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Die Rothschilds

This German (subtitled in English) film was released in 1940 and could be regarded as propaganda. Meanwhile, Hollywood and the British were busy fabricating their own narratives to demonise Germany. Die Rothschilds is the story of the family's takeover of the British economy while backing both sides in the war against Napoleon. It may well be embellished but the film depicts a narrative which is consistent with the evidence.

Initially, Rothschilds' attempts to be accepted into English "society" were rebuffed but ultimately, when you hold all the cards (and the money), everyone in power has to be your friend. That is the modus operandi of the House of Rothschild.

Hitler's antipathy to the antics of Jewish bankers is expressed in Mein Kampf; he blamed both communists and bankers for Germany's defeat in 1918. He was also concerned about Jews holding key positions throughout the German political economy. Germany and its intellectual culture had to be destroyed because Germans saw through Rothschilds' deceptions and were determined to remove their power for good. That was the "final solution", not a plan to exterminate all Jews.

The rest of the world needed to be convinced that everything German was evil, hence the Nuremberg trials and fabrication of the holocaust narrative. Using Jews as cover, Rothschilds slipped into the shadows and continued to grow their wealth and power.

Why is this relevant today? Because the same tricks and deceptions are at play in creating wars around the globe and arguably Russia is the primary target. The Structural Elite manoeuvred to entrap Germany into two world wars and destroyed the Romanov dynasty in Russia. Both were obstacles to the banksters' hegemonic power. Germany was neutered in 1945; a resurgent Russia under Putin is proving less compliant than desired although we shouldn't assume Putin is any sort of savour - there are multiple agendas afoot and Putin has been cultivating Russia's relationship with Israel.

Today, there are layers upon layers of deception and multiple conflicts from which Rothschilds make money on all sides. That is the nature of the cancer at the heart of our civilisation: money power. As Nathan Rothschild's mother remarked, "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." - Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Note in the film the role of agents and "fronts" for the Rothschilds. Intelligence services and seemingly "independent" banks are the conduits of their power.

People are wont to say, when it is suggested that Rothschilds rule the world, "they used to be wealthy and powerful but not anymore". If that's true, how and when did they "lose" their power and wealth? Daily Pickings has shown repeated instances of their interests and power which cumulatively add up to the Rothdchilds being the richest and most powerful family on the planet.

But we can take away their power, without shedding a drop of blood or seeking retribution.

Freedom in thought, leads to freedom

Self-reliance and alternative models to our corrupt institutional hierarchies are on the rise.

Currently in society, our measures of success and what matters in the world are distorted, narrow and selfish - consequently we restrict our development as human beings and society. Concepts of God are personal, many and various. Whether you refer to God as nature, the universe or some sort of deity, the following resonates with reality.

 23 • Wendell Berry  - Two Economies 
Some time ago, in conversation with Wes Jackson in which we were laboring to define the causes of the modern ruination of farmland, we finally got around to the money economy. I said that an economy based on energy would be more benign because it would be more comprehensive.
Wes would not agree. “An energy economy still wouldn’t be comprehensive enough.”
“Well,” I said, “then what kind of economy would be comprehensive enough.”
He hesitated a moment, and then, grinning, said, “The Kingdom of God.” 

The first step to freedom, is freeing your mind. Freedom of thought is essential for all other freedoms.

What emerges from our work at Critical Thinking is recognition of convergence. Many people are on journeys of discovery, starting from different places and perspectives but what is clear is that we are converging on fundamental truths. That we are farmed and our ignorance of that fact, how and why is what is keeping us domesticated.

Now, the human cattle are awakening.

"Under my thumb"

Jewish power is a problem and yet we cannot discuss it. Why? Because it's "anti-Semitic". Or is it? Daily Pickings has pointed out that this is not a Jewish problem but a power problem. Concentration of power among the few, the Structural Elite, is driving the world to a dark place. The Structural Elite aren't exclusively Jewish but the control of money, a primary lever power, is under the control of Ashkenazi Jews (cuckoos in the Jewish nest), principally Rothschilds. Jews are their "safety blanket" - whenever scrutiny or criticism gets close to the truth of their power, they (or more accurately their minions and the ignorant) claim Jewish "victimhood" which is largely based on fiction, like the current "wave" of anti-Semitism.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) is just one of the Jewish organisations which creates bogus reports of anti-Semitism while fostering dubious connections. There is evidence of SPLC involvement in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and running informants for the FBI. Intelligence services involvement in false flag attacks is well documented.

And of course there's money to be made in anti-Semitism. SPLC is sitting on some $170 million of accumulated donations of which comparatively little is used to help those it claims to work for.

So much skulduggery goes on under the radar and yet most are ignorant of the intelligence services' activities and secrets but as Richard Thieme points out: the only way those "in the know" can tell the truth is through fiction.

When talking of intelligence services, most people think of them as national entities. The reality is that, contrary to appearances and the beliefs of most of those within the intelligence community, the intelligence services are a lever of power for the Structural Elite and principally the banksters who control most everything else.

So for all the talk of Donald Trump "draining the swamp" in Washington, Ashkenazi Jews and bankers are more deeply embedded in the arms of government than before his inauguration.

Trump is Rothschild's bitch, as were Obama, Bush and Clinton before. Concentrated power is the issue and the only way to resolve this is for us, people, to co-create a shared understanding of how the world really works. Solutions to world problems will follow from that understanding.

Is abstraction our worst sin?

Our feeling of detachment from what we observe is arguably our fundamental problem.

When Critical Thinking first encountered Natural Inclusion (NI) two years ago, we were resistant to Alan Rayner's idea that human devotion to abstract rationality could account for the fundamental problems in the world; at that time, we were convinced (tentatively) that we'd "hit bedrock" in terms of causes: usury, theft of the commons and hierarchy. But as we delve deeper into hierarchy and human history, Alan's words keep resonating with information and ideas we encounter.

These two videos of David Bohm bring together quantum physics and concepts of NI. Essentially, all matter is energy flowing within receptive space. Once that realisation hits, we need to re-evaluate our thinking and perceptions. Embracing these ideas is novel and rewarding but for many "taking the plunge" is resisted; we're inclined to hang on to familiar ways of thinking which we believe have served us well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once we embrace the world beyond abstract rationality, new possibilities arise.