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What the Fluck

This article by Adam Curtis (of Century of the Self fame) explores the evolution of journalism, abuse of power and the conflicts which arise when we demand transparency to expose corruption while abhorring the surveillance state - the right to privacy from prurient intrusion verses investigative reporting in defence of democratic freedom.



Money and the land grab

Margrit Kennedy's Interest and Inflation Free Money provides many insights into the nature and consequences of interest on money, based on data from West Germany. In the book, she identified the potential dangers of land speculation arising directly from money reform and in this video she expands on the relationship between money and land.

The video is produced by Fred Harrison, who has been campaigning against the appropriation of land values for private gain for over 40 years. He is writing a series of theses on the corrupting power of taxation and the need for financial reform.


Top dog

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, academic and journalist, Paul Craig Roberts, has a pretty good handle on global power politics. The US/NATO modus operandi involves financing opposition to governments of unaligned (not bowing to US hegemony) countries in order to bring them into the fold ready to be corporatised, raped and enslaved, or merely destabilised to remove a potential threat, as has been so effective across the Middle East.

Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China by Paul Craig Roberts


McCarthyism today

In the 1950's, paranoia about the intentions of communist Russia brought about a witch hunt of moderate voices in American public life. Today, it is the manufactured fear of "terrorism" which provides the cover to denounce voices of reason and truth, as traitors.

"The Guardian" Falls Under the Shadow of McCarthyism by Walter Oppenheimer

The persecution of the UK newspaper over the NSA espionage case shows how the Cameron administration has moved away from moderation

Hearing Keith Vaz question the Guardian editor's patriotism makes one ask oneself, do I love this country? What a strange question. Do we love the death and destruction the US and Britain have wrought around the world? Because that's what the Edward Snowden revelations are about, not whether we are patriots.