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Slow train coming...

Making predictions about where securities and commodities markets are headed is difficult at best and virtually impossible in a world of manipulation and subterfuge. Central banks and other powerful players play the markets for geopolitical purposes and markets no longer reflect the realities of trade and capital flows because so much market activity is "virtualised" into derivatives and synthetic instruments (ETFs etc.).

We can, however, look to the past for the patterns and practises of those in control to understand the correlation between markets, policy objectives and Structural Elite interests. For far too long the US dollar and markets have been supported by massive inflows of central bank created money and derivative trading to keep the value of gold (for example) artificially low in spite of growing demand for the physical metal.

Recent announcements concerning currencies indicate that we may be about to see a dramatic recasting of the world and displacement of the US $ as the global reserve currency. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) have been around for years but may be about to take on wider significance at the expense of the US dollar.

The global world currency is emerging, and it’s a blockchain SDR, and EVERYTHING will be on the blockchain, including your house title by Richard Presser
The pieces are falling into place for the new global currency, forecast for 2018 in The Economist 30 years ago.

Are they about to "burn" the US dollar? It would seem logical and consistent with bringing regime change home to America - if stirring enmity between left and right is deliberate, what better way to create the conditions for civil war than crash the economy?

How the Federal Reserve plans to burn the US with "excess dollars"

In the midst of this, we can't ignore the potential of China to disrupt proceedings.

China’s Cryptocurrency NEO Will Change the World As We Know It
China has rebranded its digital currency Antshares into NEO, an improved version of Ethereum.
NEO has secured a patent that will allow it to become essentially a centralized blockchain supernode.
Combined with the most sophisticated quantum network, having the only quantum satellite, and on the verge of replacing the internet with an improved quantum-blockchain version, China looks to become the ultimate global superpower, however …
Artificial Intelligence, who now is in control of the stock market, has partnered with NEO.
A.I. has created its own indecipherable language and have begun communicating with each other.

Neither, nation states, nor empires are in control. Ultimate power, presiding over these machinations and playing the elevated cattle to their advantage, resides in the hands of the Rothschilds and the Structural Elite. Consequently, the best indicator of where markets are headed is how the Rothschilds are disposing their investments. The writing is on the wall if you stop to look.

Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts of US Assets, Sending an Ominous Signal by Jay Syrmopoulos
In an ominous move, Lord Jacob Rothschild has aggressively moved to limit his exposure to "risky" U.S. capital markets.

What can we do? Buy physical gold and develop resilience within families and communities by reducing our reliance on the collapsing system - grow and share food.

Withdraw consent

Critical thinking in academia

Last Tuesday's Critical Thinking session continued the discussion on how to combine best practice in academia with open, unfettered exploration of information and ideas (from about 30 minutes into the podcast).

Also a quick reminder of this coming Saturday's event.

Cake and conversation

Location: London School of Mosaic, 73-96 Ludham (residential block behind Waxham building on Mansfield Road) Basement, Mansfield Road, London, United Kingdom, NW5 4SF

When: September 9, 2017 - 14:00-16:00

10 years after the crash, has anything changed? And what should we do?

10 Years after....the Crash

Faces of The Crash
The Crash seems to divide people largely into two camps, those involved and those affected. Here we look at the key players in finance and government and some of those affected directly by the impacts of The Crash.

A series of events to explore the causes and consequences of the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Critical Thinking's "10 years after" event is to encourage people to bypass the corrupt voices and institutions of authority, to collaborate and explore why things are the way they and what we should do about it.


Conversation over carrot cake to encourage participation in critical thinking as a collaborative process; this event is not to promote the Critical Thinking group but to promote critical thinking as essential human activity.

Why is the world the way it is? “Here’s a cause, there’s another cause, and this is the other cause, now form a critical thinking group.” to explore why the world is the way it is.

It would help if people email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know if they’re coming and to give an idea of numbers.

There will be carrot cakes to be divided and shared during the discussion – people are invited to bring drinks and snacks to share.

For a better idea of the context for the discussion and the significance of the Crash, see Critical Thinking’s recently published paper which explains further:

Double cross and double speak

A Jewish insider explains the background to the creation of Israel, America's entry into WW1 and the declaration of war on Germany in 1933.

Benjamin Freedman's narrative corroborates Critical Thinking's research to date and he is a credible witness as a Jewish "insider". Our prejudice against Germans and Germany has been fabricated in Hollywood and beyond with the Structural Elite excercising the levers of power to suppress the truth. Although Freedman refers to Jews, he explains that these are Talmudic Jewish cuckoos of Ashkenazi origin.

Daily Pickings has pointed to reports of Jewish of life in Germany which are at variance with our inculcated understanding; here are some more, including a ration card issued to a Jew. If all Jews were in concentration camps, why would any of them have ration cards?

Daily life of German Jews during the war : three documents by Alison Chabloz
The Germans considered the Jews as a whole to be representatives of a hostile belligerent power, all the more formidable since, internationally, it disposed of considerable resources in the field of finance (money, the sinew of war) and in those of the communications media and propaganda. Physical attacks engendered reprisals, which in turn gave rise to new attacks. Just as the Americans or the Canadians, considering persons of Japanese descent dangerous or hostile, decided – notwithstanding the absence of attacks or sabotage on their part – to place them in concentration camps, the Germans proceeded to evacuate large numbers of German Jews, putting them in concentration, labour or transit camps. However, a certain Jewish life subsisted openly in Germany all through the war. The three documents below make it possible to provide a sketch of that daily life: a newspaper, an excerpt from the telephone directory, a ration card. Obviously, the longer the war went on the further that daily life deteriorated, as did, for that matter, the lives of other Germans.

At the risk of belabouring the point, Jewry has been manipulated hitherto as it is today; Jews need to recognise that those leading the world into the abyss aren't defending or protecting Jews but putting them in the firing line.

The Reasons for Netanyahu’s Panic by Alastair Crooke
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing the panic button over the collapse of the Saudi-Israeli jihadist proxies in Syria and now threatening to launch a major air war, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke describes.

Jews like the rest of us, need to withdraw consent to being manipulaed by lies and stand for truth. Young and old alike have been brainwashed into victimhood.

Escaping the Ponzi economy

The sub-prime crisis is a metaphor for the political economy. Those with power create the game in which players are duped into buying worthless assets, while real assets (land and resources) are subject to confiscation by the banks who created money from nothing to lend on usurious terms, guaranteeing default. This is well described in the film, The Big Short.

A recent film shows a variation on the scam, multilevel marketing or pyramid selling, which sucks in the unwary with promises of riches beyond their wildest dreams.

Betting on Zero
Betting on Zero directed by Ted Braun is a thrilling documentary that exposes the economic scam behind US corporate health giant Herbalife, the nutrition supplement company that’s been widely condemned as a massive pyramid scheme.

As in The Big Short, those betting against the establishment need deep pockets and strong nerves. Bill Ackerman's Pershing Square is being punished by those who, for what ever reason, don't see the Herbalife emperor is naked. Thus far, his nerve is holding.

Ackman outlines next battle as Herbalife bites again by Michelle McGagh
Ackman has 'shorted' shares in Herbalife since 2012, accusing the company of operating a pyramid scheme.
Herbalife's rally this year has punished the fund, with the shares rising 43%, with a 10.7% surge yesterday on news of plans of a $600 million share buyback dealing the latest blow.
Even before yesterday's rally, the Herbalife short was the fund's worst performing investment this year, accounting for 4.3% of the fund's losses in the first half of the year. But Ackman stuck to his guns.

The point is that the global economy is a Ponzi scheme in which the rich get richer and the rest of us, poorer. But there are ways of fighting back by looking for alternatives to the monopolistic, predatory, fascist (fusion of corporate and state power) corporations.

There are many decentralised initiatives emerging to challenge centralised power which in the media is trying to silence dissent. YouTube has been demonetising "unapproved" content that challenges official narratives. BitChute is one alternative to YouTube and now DTube is in beta testing and could become a powerful decentralised antidote to hegemonic corporatocracy. There is an irony that this video is on YouTube but this doesn't detract from the message.

The more we withdraw from the system to build alternatives, the quicker it will collapse and the stronger we'll be to create an alternative political economy.