Citizens income in India

Guy Standing has been running a pilot study for basic income (aka. cash transfers) in India. It dispels many of the myths expounded about unconditional citizens income. The 12 month pilot involved 200 rupees per month for adults and 100 for children and improved the lot of 5,500 people in a number of villages. Health, infrastructure, housing, nutrition and education all showed a marked improvement versus a control group of non-recipients. But what was truly surprising is the escalation of economic activity due to people no longer scratching for survival.

Short video on the results of the basic income pilot scheme

Daily Pickings has referred to the Spirit Level and the corrosive effect of inequality on society. A sense of fairness, that everyone should enjoy rewards on an equal basis, seems to be innate among primates.

An excerpt from the TED Talk: "Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals." 

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Unconditional Citizens Income would free people from drudgery to invest more time in creativity and applying themselves to social, political and spiritual development. This short animation is devastating in its critique of the human condition within the current economic system.

 El Empleo / The Employment ( 6 minute video)

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