Stateless power

Perceptions of nation states as centres of power are mistaken. True power rests in the hands of corporations which dominate the global stage. Daily Pickings has referred on occasions to the 147 "super entities" that run the world, revealed in a study published in the New Scientist in 2011.


Web of Power


 Web of Power


Executives from these companies collude with politicians, media, military and intelligence services to shape the world for their benefit. Trade agreements have evolved as weapons of the corporate agenda to dominate and control every aspect of human existence at the expense of humanity. So called "free trade agreements" are drafted in secret by and for the benefit of these corporations. Environmental controls, social programs and national democracy are subverted as national industries are gutted or appropriated and public services privatised to feed these voracious behemoths of financial capitalism.

Financial capitalism and the ruling elites, which control it, have no national loyalty or interest, they move to reap the fattest harvest. Thus in the 19th century, the British empire was the vehicle for world domination until Britain's demise in the 20th century shifted attention westwards to the USA. Now that America is in decline, focus is shifting eastwards to China.

US Political Dysfunction and Capitalism’s Withdrawal By Richard Wolff

The source of the ruling elites power is the economic system and if we want to change the world for the benefit of humanity we need to remove the source of their power.

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