Watch the pea

Daily Pickings is firmly committed to the concept of equality of opportunity on the grounds of sex, race etc. and the plan to feature Jane Austin on the next £10 note, is to be applauded. According to reports, Mark Carney's arrival at the Bank of England heralded an immediate response on the issue of featuring women on banknotes which had been ignored or rejected under the previous regime.

As worthy as this initiative is, is it really the most important issue relating to money creation? Mark Carney is being fêted as the golden boy who kept the Canadian banking system clear of the sub-prime crisis but the reality is somewhat different:

The Big Banks' Big Secret

Estimating government support for Canadian banks during the financial crisis

AUTHOR(S):  David Macdonald

Hat tip to John for this

It is banking hegemony that risks the future of our civilisation and sexual equality pales by comparison. Conceding to featuring women on banknotes is good PR and distracts  (hence watch the pea as in "find the pea" under one of three cups) from the financial repression being waged by the Bank of England and the government.


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