US/EU Free Trade Agreement and the NHS

The Health and Social Care Bill has preparedĀ the UK National Health ServiceĀ for an influx of transnational healthcare providers once the US/EU Free Trade Agreement is in place. Linda Kaucher, who has been exploring the secrecy surrounding free trade agreements and their consequences for over ten years, explains how the process is unfolding.

The real story behind the NHS changes:
The US/EU Free Trade Agreement
By Linda Kaucher


0 #3 Janos Abel 2013-02-21 15:03
All these moves on behalf of the established order are justified by the lie that "we can not afford to continue with a service funded from public revenue".
+1 #2 Clive Menzies 2013-02-21 13:37
Indeed Janos

This is why we're going to be covering this in Module 4. So much is hidden, we need to spread the knowledge and understanding.
0 #1 Janos Abel 2013-02-21 11:49
If ever there was a need for the "99%" to stand together, led by the Occupy movement, to stop a common threat, this is one.

This is not likely to happen, so the people get the society they deserve.

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