Stirring up the hornets' nest

Yesterday Daily Pickings highlighted the integrity of Dr Tom Fingar who oversaw the 2007 intelligence assessment of Iran's nuclear weapons capability and how the absence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program has been confirmed every year since - Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta, reiterated the point last year. Yet the drumbeats for war against Iran beat ever louder among the NATO allies and Israel.

U.S. Could Strike Iran to Block Nuclear Progress: Ehud Barak
By The Daily Beast

Since 2001, pre-emptive strikes have been rationalised on the basis of self-defence rather than what they really are: acts of aggression banned under the Geneva conventions. In the UK, ministers repeat the baseless assertions about the WMD capability and intent of the victims of this aggression (Saddam's Iraq and now Iran). Rare is the politician who will "tell it like it is" but here's one:

Preventative War Has Become The Rule
Belgian MP Laurent Louis stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot
Hat tip to Ken for this

The theatre of war is expanding across the African continent - Libya was the first domino to fall. Sectarian division is being promoted and exploited for geo-political advantage while strange and seemingly contradictory alliances emerge. The autocratic Arabian Gulf states are playing a dangerous game, particularly Qatar which has entered a Faustian pact with the US hegemon.

Qatar, Sponsor of Islamist Political Movements, Major Ally of America
Qatar and U.S. : Collusion or Conflict of Interest?
By Nicola Nasser

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