Student fee idiocracy

The original justification for imposing student fees was that it is only fair those privileged enough to go to university should contribute towards the cost because they will get higher paying jobs. What jobs? Graduate unemployment is soaring. Education is a public good that benefits everyone and should be provided free. If we are going to build a better future we need our universities to hone critical thinking and philosophical skills, not just manufacture cogs for a crumbling economic engine.

Oxford graduates pull pints in dire jobs market
More graduates of Oxford University go into jobs as waitresses, waiters or bar staff than chartered accountants or mechanical engineers, new figures show.

Compounding New Labour's asinine folly of student debt, the UK coalition government justified a threefold increase in student tuition fees by referring to a funding shortfall for higher education, a funding gap which is expanding directly due to the increase in fees. David (two brains) Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, has presided over this fiasco - perhaps he ought to refund his tuition fees as they were clearly wasted? But guess who wins out of this? Our favourite constituency, the banking sector.

Why higher tuition fees have left a £1bn-a-year black hole
Nick Clegg said the deficit meant fees had to rise. But the new system will cost the government more.

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