21st century plague

This powerful piece neatly sums up the growing sense of outrage.

21st Century Plague by MarkGB
The Black Death was a medieval pandemic which swept through the ‘old world’ in the 14th Century.  It arrived in Europe from Asia in the 1340s and killed an estimated 25 million people, about 50% of the population. The social and economic consequences of this were ‘permanent’: it created a labour shortage which ended the medieval institution of serfdom.
In short: Increased demand for labour + reduced supply of labour + chaos = collapse of status quo.
What emerged from the chaos was a rudimentary ‘free market’ in labour and goods. The age of capitalism had begun…
The pandemic we face in the 21st Century is a psychological phenomenon rather than a biological one, but in my view, it is equally parasitic. Its name is ‘deceit’, and our political & economic institutions are riddled with it.

This plague has had a long incubation (millennia) and has been evident in preceding centuries but arguably it really took hold at the beginning of the last century, when the levers of power and those who control them began to collude in an unprecedented fashion. This centalised power is referred to in Critical Thinking's analysis as the Structural Elite, the beneficiaries and architects of this corrosive, abusive and destructive political economy.

Lies gained precedence over truth through control of politics, media and academia which, in the 20th century, brought about a revolution and two world wars to destroy major impediments to Anglo-American power, Russia and Germany.

Structural Elite power has its origins in theft of the commons but what unified it was control of money through usury. These two unnatural means of exploitation are what underpins hierarchy, the third flaw in today's political economy.

Our ignorance of the embedded deceit is the source our pain and destruction.



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