Why is CoCreative Learning so powerful?

Daily Pickings often refers to the power of co-creation which is a fundamentally, natural process. When humans co-create, the result is immensely more powerful than the sum of the parts, ie. greater than 1+1+1+1 etc. Why should that be? One aspect is emergence, which occurs throughout nature.

There is possibly a spiritual/esoteric dimension to co-creation which we're currently exploring in the context of astrotheology. What we can say with certainty is that CoCreative Learning works such that its power has to be experienced to be believed and truly understood, It comes naturally to us; the only impediment today is the current political economy which is structured and organised to limit co-creative learning wherever possible, primarily through compartmentalisation and deference to "experts" or authority, aka. thought police. But we are free to think for ourselves, if we choose.

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