With a little help from my friends

Yesterday's Daily Pickings on our necessary evolution provoked comment and the observation that we also evolve as social beings. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our learning and the importance of giving and accepting help are not mutually exclusive concepts.

This is the rationale for CoCreative Learning and the source of its power. Studying alone or within the confines of orthodox education, to a prescribed curriculum, limits the depth and breadth of our understanding. Free discussion, within circles of trust, following an evolutionary purpose, rapidly accelerates learning and expands our understanding. Its power has to be experienced to be believed.

Mind maps capture the important essence of discussions, presentations and other materials in a way that conventional note taking fails to match. Below is one mind map from Mark Passio's Mind Control and Astrotheology video.


While we all have responsibility for ourselves and our learning, we cannot do it alone. We need help.

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