Let's work together

From yesterday's meeting of the 10 Years after the Crash group, it is clear that there are a growing number of concerned people and groups working on "solutions" to various aspects of the political economy.

Critical Thinking has long argued that without deep analysis, there is a danger that remedies, applied to symptoms, without understanding the underlying disease, risk making matters worse, rather than better. That is the rationale for releasing Critical Thinking's methodology as a free, open source project - in the meeting, Stephen referred to wanting to know what people were working on in their disparate "sheds" - CoCreative Learning is to "get people out of their sheds" to co-create a shared understanding of reality. Once we can agree on where we are and how we got here, the solutions will become obvious.

As was stated in the latest iteration of Critical Thinking's analysis, we can tell people, and point to evidence, that banking is a criminal enterprise. We can also show them the web of global banking controlled by the Rothschilds and seven other families. But will they listen? In the main, no because they already believe in the official narratives and are penalised for thinking differently. 

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair.

On the CoCreative Learning wiki, the analogy of the blind men of Indostan is used to illustrate the problem of people adhering to their own worldviews and narrow perspectives without listening to each other. We need to shed the conditioned practice of not listening with an open mind; often, we listen to others to find reasons to disagree and express our own views. This is fostered as good practice in debate but it is how we are kept divided and controlled. When we dig through the layers of contrived complexity, deception and misdirection, we find common ground on which to build.

In truth, we can't teach others anything; they have to discover reality for themselves. But the only way to do so is for us to work together.


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