Mind control and astrotheology

Critical Thinking is exploring astrotheology. This (long) presentation by Mark Passio clarifies some ideas and concepts we've been discussing.

Mark's presentation contextualises the power structure of the political economy and its antecedents. These concepts are vital to understand the means of control which have been used for millennia.


In describing the pyramid of power, Mark points to the "globalists" or Structural Elite but emphasises that there is an even higher power within the "hidden chamber" of the pyramid in which ultimate power resides. To identify this power, we need to look in the mirror. It is us. If we change, the world changes.


Critical Thinking outlined its objective in 2012 as: to understand the political economy to identify levers for change. We have co-created a shared understanding of the reality of the human condition - we are farmed as domesticated animals. The primary lever for change is within each of us.

Critical Thinking’s co-creative research and analysis reveals that usury, theft of the commons and institutional hierarchy have denied us access to our birthright (the means to life) unless we enter into the Faustian pact with the political economy. To live, we don the shackles and chains of own enslavement.

It is time to break free.

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