The Logan Act and treason

Promulgated by the US Congress in 1799, the Logan Act (Figure 1) prohibits American citizens acting “without authority” from the US Government from engaging in any “correspondence or intercourse” with a foreign government or its representatives that interferes with US foreign policy.

The Logan Act is cited in the criticism of Michael Flynn for discussions with Russian officials as part of Donald Trump's transition process. Leaving the spurious assertions of "Russiagate" aside, there are far more egregious and pernicious examples of contravention of the Logan Act.

Insider Politics – Inside the Law? Bilderberg, US Citizens and the Logan Act by TERRY MELANSON
Most of the existing commentary on this issue argues, with varying degrees of certainty and accuracy, that American citizens participating in Bilderberg Meetings are breaching the Logan Act. “Many people believe this meeting is possibly a violation of the Logan Act…” podcaster Mark Dice wrote in his 2015 book The Bilderberg Group: Facts and Fiction (p.6). According to Daniel Estulin, in his book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (2007), the Logan Act makes it: “absolutely illegal for elected to officials to meet in private with influential business executives to debate and design foreign policy.” Estulin identified no less than 21 prominent Americans who have “flouted the Logan Act” 

Bilderberg is only one globalist forum which contravenes the Logan Act. There are others, such as the Council for Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) was presumably in contravention of the Logan Act in bowing to pressure from George Osborne (UK Chancellor of Exchequer), Mark Carney (Bank of England Governor) and  Adair Turner (Chair of UK's Financial Services Authority), all of whom sat on the Swiss based Financial Stability Board at the time, to quash the indictments of HSBC and its senior executives (for laundering money on behalf of international terrorists and drugs cartels).

One has to wonder, at what point do people realise that the panoply of laws and regulations aren't there to protect us but part of the complex web of power of the criminal class which rules and used as weapons accordingly but ignored when convenient. If we don't realise we're conned by authority every which way by now, will we ever?

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