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In its practice of CoCreative Learning, Critical Thinking looks to diverse independent sources of information and analysis. In co-creating our understanding of how the world works, we need access to original documents where possible; otherwise, any claim or narrative is just an assertion.

A couple of days ago, Daily Pickings referred to YaCy a peer to peer internet search engine for which you can set your own sources, ie. include those websites you rely on for uncontaminated information. We started with the Corbett Report, Tragedy & Hope and Critical Thinking, since when we've added others we've come to rely on such as Global Research, UK Column and the Information Clearing House

We've just come across what appears to be an excellent repository of original documents and have added it to our YaCy web crawlers.

Geopolitical Global Intelligence Portal
Since 1999 the Curator of the Original MI6 Lists
Home of John Robles II the 1st US Asylee in Russia!
One of the Last Taino Indians
JAR2 is the Alexandria Library of Forbidden Information - Visitor
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Our world views are determined by how we process information; we are trained to conform through media and education but once we turn our back on being a "success" within the Matrix, our world views change. Non-conformists are on the rise: watch and listen to Lowkey on Fire in the Booth (with BBC Radio 1 Xtras emblazoned on his microphone); one senses that the tide of truth cannot be held back for much longer.

Part 2 is also worth a listen.

We can co-create a new reality but only if we aspire to know the truth.

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