Power in the land

Theft of the commons is the original sin of hierarchy - appropriation of land, resources and other commons by the few,  deprived the remainder of the means to life. In the UK, the practice of "enclosure" of common land arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066. Fabulously wealthy dynasties, such as the Grosvenors, can trace their origins back to this crime against humanity which remains a primary root causes of death, misery and destruction in the world.

The video is somewhat dated but makes some powerful points about land and the lunacy of successive government policies, such as subsidies to promote a particular commodity, leading to habitat destruction and "food" surpluses which go to waste.

The Duke of Westminster's (Grosvenor) estate extends beyond British shores and, like most of those who benefit from the corrosive and abusive political economy, much of their wealth remains hidden offshore.

Duke of Westminster’s five main estates: 11,500 acre Eaton Estate in rural Cheshire; 23,500 acre Abbeystead Estate in rural Lancashire; 96,000 acre Reay Forest estate in rural Sutherland, the La Garganta Estate in rural Spain and 300 acres of prime central London land in Mayfair and Belgravia worth c. £10bn.

Revelations in the Panama and Paradise papers provoked much excitement in media with the emphasis on tax avoidance. While in the context of the current political economy, that may seem important, repatriating such wealth (which is unlikely in the current climate) would do little to solve what are essentially structural problems. Where such wealth is held is not the issue. The real issue is why should the beneficiaries of this historic, original crime continue to benefit from the proceeds of crime.

Appropriation of the means to life was the first step in farming humanity, since when it has been normalised by the panoply of law, commerce and social acceptance. Similarly, the additional crime of usury has become acceptable while supercharging wealth transfer and adding insult to injury.

But we can reverse these crimes and assure the future without shedding a drop of privileged blood.

Co-create a shared understanding of reality and the way forward will become obvious. It is our acceptance of lies and deception which enslaves us in this iniquitous system.

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