Brexit illusion

While Brits and others, on both sides of the argument, froth at the mouth over "Brexit", what becomes clearer by the day is that there is no intention of handing UK sovereignty back to British parliament, let alone the British people.

UK Column has highlighted numerous instances of powers being handed to the EU since the Brexit referendum vote to "leave" last year. Yesterday's broadcast explains how the UK's military is being folded into Europe/NATO and the supranational offensive force will no longer be under any political control from the UK. Does that sound like Brexit to you?

UK Column News - 12th September 2017 (44 minute video)

A further example of how democracy is rapidly fading in the UK is highlighted in their report on C40 Cities, a supranational body which is militarising major cities' police forces with no political accountability to national governments or their people. An interesting note is that London's representative on C40 Cities is Sophie Linden, a communications professional and former "director" of Bell Pottinger, the disgraced and now imploding PR firm which drove racial division in South Africa and which was paid $500 million to create false flag propaganda for the US Pentagon to justify its war of terror.

Also, take note of the treatment of paedophile victim and whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, who's been imprisoned to protect the British establishment. As Daily Pickings has pointed out before, this is analogous to the Soviet Union's Gulag system - don't say you've not been warned!

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