Does 9/11 matter?

On every anniversary of 11th September 2001, those who've explored the "official story" of 9/11 attempt to raise awareness of the anomalies and contradictions which reveal that the official narrative is false. Nevertheless, the world moves on, as if it no longer matters, much in the same way that over 70% of Americans know that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill John F Kennedy but remain passive.

Both 9/11 and JFK's assassination (and numerous other false flags) reveal that those we elect do not rule; real lethal power resides in the shadows. That's why 9/11 matters.

It also matters because these falsehoods become the default narratives in media, particularly Hollywood, facilitating further false narratives and false flags. We, collectively, have become conditioned to believe in these narratives as they emerge, in spite of all the indications that they too are false.

Yesterday's Daily Pickings highlighted the removal of physical cash as being another shackle of our slavery locking into place; the bogus war on terror has been the primary weapon against us all, to imprison ourselves in lies. The choice is ours: to stand for truth or fall with lies.

This embedded video is on YouTube and liable to be "censored" at some point. It is available on other platforms such as BitChute

Are you a free human or a slave?.....That's why 9/11 matters.

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