You are being gamed

We've referred, in the past, to Pavlovian responses to news and events and the selective presentation of facts to distort our perceptions of reality. However, the insidious control over our thinking and behaviour is now increasingly embedded in technology with development of  the Internet of Things and gaming.

The ruling classes have always feared and disparaged the masses, seeking justification for their cavalier approach to poverty and oppression, carelessly disposing of those asserting their rights to freedom.

To make sense of the world, we need to understand that the enslavement of our minds begins at school and continues into adult life. John Taylor Gatto, in the Ultimate History Lesson, explains, with copious historical references, the development of the public school system, tracing its antecedents: Plato, Calvin, Spinoza, Fichte.... Fichte was writing in the aftermath of the Prussian army's humiliating defeat at the hand of Napoleon and referred to "disobedience" of the soldiery as the cause of the defeat and from his writings evolved the Prussian school system which then spread throughout the western world.

To understand how we've got to where we are today, this 5 hour conversation is essential listening/viewing.

Richard Grove's Tragedy and Hope site provides resources for self-education - an independent mind, developed from understanding our origins and development, is essential to make sense of the world and to build a better future. Public schooling trains humans to a level where they can "run the machine" (ie. the political economy) but not question it and our enslavement.

If we did, we would reject it and build something better.

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