Problems, problems... why?

Crises and rising tensions are the predominant feature of the world today and those who know history can see what's coming - it's not pleasant. Escalation of civil wars and global conflict, accelerated and exacerbated by economic breakdown. The question we need to ask is Why? The "why" is common to all our problems and the "fix" is down to all of us. We are both the problem and the solution. So what do we do about it? Talk... to friends, family, colleagues and most importantly to those with whom we disagree or distrust, the "other". When we reach a shared understanding of reality, we will cease to be the problem and become the solution.

This weekend Critical Thinking is hosting a "Cake and Conversation" event in London to encourage people to talk; all are welcome.


Conversation over carrot cake to encourage participation in critical thinking as a collaborative process; this event is not to promote the Critical Thinking group but to promote critical thinking as essential human activity.

Why is the world the way it is? “Here’s a cause, there’s another cause, and this is the other cause, now form a critical thinking group.” to explore why the world is the way it is.

Details are available here: Cake and Conversation

This is a conversation which can start anytime, wherever you are; pick one of the three causes, institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury and explore in dialogue with others.

The media are full of hate and reasons to divide; conversation with the "other" reveals we share far more than divides us. Start the conversation and we are on the way to escaping the lie we live.

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