Double cross and double speak

A Jewish insider explains the background to the creation of Israel, America's entry into WW1 and the declaration of war on Germany in 1933.

Benjamin Freedman's narrative corroborates Critical Thinking's research to date and he is a credible witness as a Jewish "insider". Our prejudice against Germans and Germany has been fabricated in Hollywood and beyond with the Structural Elite excercising the levers of power to suppress the truth. Although Freedman refers to Jews, he explains that these are Talmudic Jewish cuckoos of Ashkenazi origin.

Daily Pickings has pointed to reports of Jewish of life in Germany which are at variance with our inculcated understanding; here are some more, including a ration card issued to a Jew. If all Jews were in concentration camps, why would any of them have ration cards?

Daily life of German Jews during the war : three documents by Alison Chabloz
The Germans considered the Jews as a whole to be representatives of a hostile belligerent power, all the more formidable since, internationally, it disposed of considerable resources in the field of finance (money, the sinew of war) and in those of the communications media and propaganda. Physical attacks engendered reprisals, which in turn gave rise to new attacks. Just as the Americans or the Canadians, considering persons of Japanese descent dangerous or hostile, decided – notwithstanding the absence of attacks or sabotage on their part – to place them in concentration camps, the Germans proceeded to evacuate large numbers of German Jews, putting them in concentration, labour or transit camps. However, a certain Jewish life subsisted openly in Germany all through the war. The three documents below make it possible to provide a sketch of that daily life: a newspaper, an excerpt from the telephone directory, a ration card. Obviously, the longer the war went on the further that daily life deteriorated, as did, for that matter, the lives of other Germans.

At the risk of belabouring the point, Jewry has been manipulated hitherto as it is today; Jews need to recognise that those leading the world into the abyss aren't defending or protecting Jews but putting them in the firing line.

The Reasons for Netanyahu’s Panic by Alastair Crooke
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pushing the panic button over the collapse of the Saudi-Israeli jihadist proxies in Syria and now threatening to launch a major air war, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke describes.

Jews like the rest of us, need to withdraw consent to being manipulaed by lies and stand for truth. Young and old alike have been brainwashed into victimhood.

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