Power behind "protest"

Dissent is becoming ever more restricted. Not only is dissent suppressed and policed by "authorities"; "useful idiots" are primed and pointed at targets, often on the back of false accusations. The rise of Antifa across Europe and the US is not spontaneous but a planned, orchestrated movement to incite division and hatred.

Those who dissent come under pressure both from such groups and the establishment. Brendon O'Connell talks to Nick Spero about the rising tensions and his forthcoming case at the Australian High Court for criticising Israel.

The dark forces behind rising tensions and disruption are seldom exposed but here an ex-CIA agent discusses the methods and history of the CIA.

Know that the rising tide of hate and division is orchestrated and will end in civil war, unless we refuse to participate. Name calling and insults will get us nowhere but engaging in serious dialogue might.

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