Critical Thinking on BitChute

Critical Thinking shares its research and analysis through the Website and Daily Pickings via email and Twitter.

Recently we began recording our weekly sessions and they are uploaded as audio podcasts to Critical Thought at MixCloud.

We've also created videos, overlaying discussions and presentations with images, but we don't have our own YouTube channel although you will find most of the videos we've created at 00atmen. We've now opened a BitChute video channel and will upload all our videos to there soon. Meanwhile, two videos have been published on BitChute: Withdrawing Consent and Hierarchy and the Political Economy.

Daily Pickings has expressed the need for an ecology of free, open-source, self-organised news and media analogous to the free software movement which is not driven by money but by contributions from all those interested in participating. BitChute is a peer to peer platform which provides a vital component of essential infrastructure to build such an ecology of news and media. Check out BitChute's FAQs and content which includes the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

BitChute is a peer to peer content sharing platform. Our mission is to put people and free speech first. It is free to join, create and upload your own content to share with others.

While Critical Thinking welcomes anyone to our weekly discussions in London, new subscribers to Daily Pickings, visitors to the website and Twitter followers, we're much more interested in the information and ideas being explored than where this takes place. The website and all our other activities are dual purpose: to learn and share what we learn. We claim no ownership or proprietary rights to any of the material either originated or reproduced here - these are free for all.


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