Book burning and heresy

Nooo! Surely not!. Can it be that we're reverting to the dark ages of suppression and book-burning, when speaking truth and asking questions has fatal consequences? Throughout history, the inquisitive and eccentric (ie. the unbrainwashed) have been persecuted and often eradicated. The Bolshevik revolution led to the massacre of millions but those targeted specifically for removal were the academics and thinkers who may have been able see through the deceptive illusion of the power of the proletariat to recognise yet another totalitarian regime hungry for gold and power.

Well yes, we've arrived in another dark age where curiosity and inquiry are now treated as criminal behaviours (extremism) and "authority" determines what we can read.

Amazon’s holocaust of holocaust books: MSM in denial by Kevin Barrett
The mainstream media (MSM) are refusing to report’s recent burning, shredding, and suppressing of at least 147 scientific and historical books. Most, though not all, of the suppressed titles involve what is loosely termed “holocaust revisionism.”

There is only one version of history allowed, the official one - written by the victors of two world wars. We should know well enough by now that to be in power is to lie; the greater the power, the greater the lies.

This suppression of information and debate is against the background of two fabricated hoaxes: radical Islamic terror and rising anti-Semitism, both of which are fabricated by the "authorities" behind the book burning, ultimately the Structural Elite.

“Radical Islamic terror” and “rising anti-Semitism”: A tale of two hoaxes by Kevin Barrett
The “radical Islamic terror threat to the West” is a myth — a hoax — a tale told by a gaggle of idiots on Fox News, Breitbart and Infowars, signifying nothing.
The “rising wave of anti-Semitism” is another hoax, fabricated by the same people, for the same purposes of self-aggrandizement.

Many have been killed or jailed in the search for truth. But in the face of crushing oppression, more people are speaking out against the tyranny that dare not speak its name... but everybody knows. No wonder the perpetrators of these crimes are becoming increasingly desperate - truth cannot be suppressed indefinitely.

Michele Renouf talks to Andrew Carrington Hitchock (1 hour 2 minute podcast)
"Lady Michèle Renouf is an international advertising actress, neither an historian nor a political party activist. So how did someone from this background become interested in the campaign to defend real history?"

History is the foundation of our world view - if the authorities are blocking access to history, they are creating false world views. That's why the world is in a mess and getting worse...

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