Myths and madness

The Bolshevik revolution resulted in the deaths of some 55 million Russians and was fomented, not by Russians but by manipulated outsiders, plotted within the global network of Freemasonry and funded by Wall Street banksters. The following video is based on the deeply referenced book, Under the Sign of Scorpion.

What is explicit in the book but doesn't emerge in the film is the role of Jews in the widespread murder of Russian peasants, workers, the intelligensia and bourgeoisie. The "management" of the revolution was predominantly Jewish presided over by Lenin and Trotsky, both of whom were Jews and genocidal, as was Karl Marx whose writings were directed by the same malign forces within secret sects of Freemasonry. Trotsky and Lenin were no more concerned with the preservation of Jews than Russians; everyone seen as an obstacle to their genocidal project, including Jews, was disposable.

Daily Pickings has long argued that Jews are manipulated as much as the rest of us and to label all Jews as the problem is every bit as self-defeating as belief in the ideologies of left and right, ie. capitalism versus socialism. The real issue is centralised power versus self-determination.

The myths surrounding the rise of Hitler and the second world war are as false as our understanding of the first world war and the Russian revolution. Most corrosive and destructive to our ability to think is our reluctance to explore the Jewish question which has arisen time and time again in history; the default narrative is that Jews are victims rather than perpetrators. Heinz Weichardt, whose mother was Jewish, which precluded him from joining the Wermacht, tells a very different story of the treatment of Jews in Hitler's Germany. If we don't look at these questions, with an open mind, we will be plunged once more into violence and chaos, manipulated by madmen whose ambition is to rule and subjugate us all.

Under Two Flags by Heinz Weichardt
The sickening continuation of the war by other means is the main reason for my writing these compressed memoirs of mine, hoping that some people, by reading them, might change their minds about Germans and their National Socialist government. I have always regretted that I was not permitted to serve Germany in its time of great need and feel absolutely no resentment because of Hitler's racial policies.  To the contrary, I am convinced that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were an absolute necessity and if they could be enforced throughout that part of the world which still considers itself white they would prevent a coming disaster of unimaginable dimensions.  Only a highly disciplined, racially and culturally homogeneous nation, like Hitler's Germany, could have achieved the unprecedented recovery from nearly total destruction and loss of practically all resources and one third of her territory to her sadistically vengeful, victorious assassins. The systematic effort to convert the world into a racial cesspool will lead to a condition which was predicted by Hitler seventy years ago in his fundamental work, Mein Kampf. These are his words: "If ever the Jew succeeds in conquering the people of this world by means of his Marxist ideology, his crowning achievement will be the dance of death of humanity. The planet will then move through space without a human being, like millions of years ago."

The madness of our condition is that we abdicate responsibility for ourselves and each other to the least compassionate and most manipulated in society, thereby giving up our freedom and consigning ourselves, our children and future generations to misery and slavery. It is time to stand up and be human, individually and collectively.

There is an alternative, which is to reject authority and take responsibility for ourselves, our communities and the world.... or suffer the inevitable consequences.

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