We are family

Once we embark on this journey of discovery of how the world works, our relationships take on new meaning. We find new people to work with but often risk becoming estranged from those we are close to, family and friends. These relationships are foundational to our being and should not be severed but worked on and nurtured.

Daily Pickings is an expression and interpretation of Critical Thinking's research, deliberations and analysis, written as impartially as possible and usually without reference to the writer's personal experiences but mainly citing the work of others.

However, we all need to engage beyond those who are on the journey to seek understanding of the world, to talk with friends and family without trying to impose our view of the world on them. Inviting curiosity perhaps?

Today's Daily Pickings is prompted by Frank, the writer's nephew, responding to Critical Thinking's analysis. Here are extracts from his reaction:

I have to admit I've only just listened to your critical thinking talk you sent me the link to in Cheltenham. Wow ...[snip]

Now a lot of the things I've heard you say fit a bit better into place. You must have been thinking very deeply about the whole thing - how do you keep it all in? No wonder it erupts sometimes when us heathens can't see the light!

An extract from my response:

I can only emphasise that it is the power of the collective which is truly staggering. No one person or hierarchical structure could produce such a powerful and comprehensive critique of the political economy. I could have laboured on my own for the rest of my life and not covered even a fraction of the territory of our research, analysis and deliberation.

The key, to us having much more time to pursue our interests, is shedding our yoke of servitude to a system which only exists and functions with our consent and compliance. What emerges from our research, is not just our narrative which makes sense of the world and accords with the evidence but provides a guide as to how we get out of this mess without bloodshed or further needless suffering. Us.

Working collectively, we are capable of so much more than the current destructive system will allow; recent empirical study confirms our conclusions derived from wide research. If we can harness our collective intelligence, humanity can make an abrupt shift to a new state of evolution, interrupting the current trajectory to extinction.

It is not rocket science and doesn't look or sound clever in action but the results are mind blowing; to have played a small part in helping to nurture this idea has been a privilege and a pleasure. It is a credit to the hundreds of people who've presented information, analysis and ideas, synthesised from thousands of others, where the only guiding principle was to seek to truth as far as we could ascertain. The credit goes to the many people whose words, analysis and ideas, I've tried to interpret in the context of our accumulated analysis; it is a synthesis of human experience over millennia from around the world, representing a multitude of perspectives.

It is difficult to convey, in one video, the breadth and depth of data and analysis underpinning our interpretation of the political economy which appears to be validated by copious evidence. That is why we all need to be discussing these issues amongst ourselves. To our families, workmates, friends, people in the community, in the street, at the bus stop. We will quickly find that a growing number of people are asking similar questions, such as: why did World Trade Centre 7 collapse in a controlled demolition on 11th September 2001?

The change begins :-)

I would love to be doing more critical thinking with you all :-) However it is a journey of discovery which has certain preconditions or the journey stops. We need to be self-organising, be honest and open, have an evolutionary purpose. This last one could start as: to understand each other's perspectives on the political economy. Which could evolve to: we want to understand why the world is the way it is.

Be warned. Once you dive down the rabbit hole, there's no turning back. It is frightening, frustrating, rage inducing and initially bewildering but as the pieces of the jigsaw fit into place, it is about the most rewarding experience I can imagine. Oh! and I nearly forgot, it's work, a lot of work but it needs to be kept in reasonable perspective to ensure we continue to do enough to maintain our handhold on the mousewheel of the current political economy which spins ever faster.

The prize is a markedly different future for our children and future generations.

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