Today's lesson

Anarchy is one of the most abused and misunderstood words in contemporary discussion of world affairs and has come to be understood as being synonymous with lawless chaos. As Daily Pickings has highlighted in the past: anarchy simply means no ruler and is the antithesis of hierarchy - as such it demands deeper study.

As James Corbett explains, anarchy can take many forms but if we're really going to create a new paradigm, it must adhere to three principles. The first is obvious; the other two are essential to ensure the first, ie. no hierarchy, is protected and sustained.

  • No ruler, ie. no institutionalised hierarchy
  • Sharing the value of the commons
  • Prohibition of usury (interest on money)

If some people enjoy a disproportionate share of the wealth of the commons, it means others are denied the means to life, as is acutely obvious today. Usury is the source of the Rothschilds power and turbocharges inequality both of which reinforce today's corrupt hierarchical institutions.

Adherence to these three principles will transform the political economy from one of competitive scarcity to that of miraculous, cooperative abundance.

These concepts are simple to understand and require no "training" in politics or economics, merely common sense. The political economy which evolves from these principles will be accessible and understandable to all; the contrived complexity of today's systems will be absent and everyone will be able to participate in co-creating a diverse ecology of anarchy - where humans negotiate with each other rather than with rigid, abusive bureaucracy, laws and regulation which stifle individuality and creativity.

All we need is the understanding and the will and means will follow.

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