Latin American hit list

The thing that Rothschilds and the Structural Elite cannot abide is self-determination or politics which tries to satisfy the will and needs of the people. People power deprives the rich and powerful of their ill-gotten gains which is why Hugo Chavez was vilified throughout western media. He inspired a wave of revolt against the Shock Doctrine which, from Chile in 1973, rolled out across Latin America depriving huge swathes of the population of basic freedoms and the essentials of life.

While US foreign policy and the world was focused on the war on terror, a new wave of hope spread across South America, inspired by Chavez's Bolivarian revolution and supported by Venezuelan oil revenues. Since then, Chavez's successor Nicolas Maduro has been under constant attack, while Argentina's president, Cristina de Kirchner was displaced. The most recent casualty is Dilma Rousseff removed in another coup by the usual suspects.

Brazil: The Billion Dollar Coup by James Petras
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was removed from office through a well-organized, carefully planned operation among the corrupt Brazilian political elite, closely linked to the stock-market, financial institutions and foreign energy companies.

Ecuador and Bolivia are vulnerable to similar moves. In the same way that domination of land and resources across the Middle East is the objective of the war of terror, the Shock Doctrine has returned to Latin America with a vengeance and will not stop at Brazil. It is in all our interests to support those fighting for freedom of people across the world and expose the machinations of the banksters and their intelligence services.


0 #5 Clive Menzies 2016-10-16 15:22
Thanks Sandie

Intriguing background. There are so many levels to the multidimensiona l puzzle.

In spite of all that's happening in Latin America, there seems to be a consciousness of the need for community. Perhaps its people will be leading the development of an alternative political economy.

Correa deserves credit for facilitating this. It needs to be followed with the recognition that hierarchy is always corrupt and corrupting.

Stay safe...
0 #4 Sandie 2016-10-16 13:42
Hi Clive, to answer your questions, no people don't use cards much at all & not many shops have card readers. Cash is king. Rafael has implemented a digital money a couple of years ago. Not sure how many people use it, possibly the young with smart phones in the city. I have seen signs outside of businesses saying they accept the digital stuff but have never seen it used. It had a maximum limit of $300 that can be changed into digital. You can register, start an account for free applying with Ecuadorian ID. It was promoted as a way to pay bills with out getting in a long queue. There does seem to be some community banking happening now. I joined such a scheme recently but folk reluctant to call it banking in case the powers that shouldn't be hear of it/stop it. There is also a lot of exchange & bartering. People are well aware of the vulnerabilities of the banks. There is even a Letts (?) scheme.
Generally there is great support for the left wing candidates & none really can see a major change. However a monetarily squeezed people could get angry & change their vote. Compulsory & computerised voting here...
Also the amount of corruption is becoming more visible. Evidence a plenty after the earthquake, government buildings in had been built at a high cost. After the earthquake two of these large building almost collapsed & need pulling down. It appears half of the good government money intended for the buildings was pocketed by the local politicians. The buildings were erected very cheaply, hence their collapse.

Also saw evidence of a potential land grab in a coastal area after the earthquake when people are still in shock & living in tents. I'm sure there is a lot of this happening now. I heard the money is coming from Quito, Guayaquil & Miami.

Lastly, as Ecuador is allowed to mint it's own $1 coins & I think 50c, do you think the country would be allowed to mint $5 coins? Ha ha ha is probably the answer there.
0 #3 Clive Menzies 2016-10-16 03:28
Quoting Sandie:

If the note is taken out of circulation in a country where the monthly wage is about $400 would it cause inflation? Squeezed people get angry. Manipulative press could swing to the right in Feb. Bloody hope not but pointers are there. Banks change governments...

Inflation is one possibility. Are credit/debit cards used much? Is this part of a process to drive people to digital cash which makes people much easier to control? Western population is being shepherded into a cashless society.

What creates booms and crashes is manipulation of the money supply; in each round trip, the banksters get richer and more powerful.

Hitherto it's been done by rationing the supply of credit; with cash it's much more immediate and dramatic. Like the difference between (cannabis and crack-cocaine). This move in Ecuador is may be a deliberate shrinking of the money supply. I can't imagine Correa sanctioned this but who knows?

The other "benefit" (to the Structural Elite) and threat to us all of a cashless society is the identification and control of dissent; full spectrum dominance of human activity. If you're too much trouble, your means to life will be terminated.

That's why alternative community currencies are so vital; the more we can insulate ourselves from the system, the less effective it becomes - starting with food to develop mutual support and co-creative communities - using the internet to form alternative networks for collaboration, independent of the current political economy.
0 #2 Clive Menzies 2016-10-16 03:09
Quoting Sandie:
Interesting you write this now.
Thanks Sandie
With so many threats on so many fronts, it is difficult to keep on top of everything.

Rafael Correa has played a clever game so far but has to a degree made a Faustian pact with the forces which are to determined to control or remove him.

He who controls money, controls everything. AFAIK Ecuador's central bank is within the maw of Rothschilds' web of central banks coordinated from Basel.

Level 1. Bribe/blackmail local elite to implement the Shock Doctrine.

Level 2. If that fails destabilise the country with economic sabotage, threatening people's survival. Incite hatred between ideologies, cultures, races through controlled media and academics

Level 2. Last and often preferred resort, attack and decimate to control.

Nation by nation, but it is a race against time because people are becoming aware of the deceit.

A time of growing hope and rising danger...
0 #1 Sandie 2016-10-16 01:58
Interesting you write this now. I am in Ecuador & this week I have been thinking of the implications of the recent decision by the central bank (I assume but read wall street) to recall all the filthy old $US5 notes. They don't appear to be being replaced, I was offered a 10 in exchange when I wanted 2 5's, the ones I received weren't new. Businesses & taxis are not accepting dirty 5's referring one to the bank. I think there is a time limit. Don't have internet to check this.
If the note is taken out of circulation in a country where the monthly wage is about $400 would it cause inflation? Squeezed people get angry. Manipulative press could swing to the right in Feb. Bloody hope not but pointers are there. Banks change governments...

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