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The UK news sphere has been focusing on Lariam given to the military and its side effects:

1,000 British soldiers given psychiatric help after consuming ‘zombie drug’ – new figures
The British military is accused of failing to protect its soldier’s mental health. Figures show nearly 1,000 have sought psychiatric treatment after being given the MoD’s budget price anti-malarial drug Lariam.

Meanwhile, more US soldiers commit suicide than die in combat:

Suicide surpassed war as the military's leading cause of death by Gregg Zoroya
War was the leading cause of death in the military nearly every year between 2004 and 2011 until suicides became the top means of dying for troops in 2012 and 2013, according to a bar chart published this week in a monthly Pentagon medical statistical analysis journal.

To the Structural Elite we are disposable, lesser beings, yet we continue to trust in government and authority. Perhaps that makes us dumb but growing numbers are losing their blind faith in authority which is increasingly exposed as criminal, psychopathic and self-serving.

Changing governments and elections achieve nothing - only system change will allow us to rise above the status of disposable cattle.

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