Even in decline, the British retained an innate belief in their superiority having "civilised" (invaded and exploited) most land masses around the globe. While, some older people in the UK retain this sense of superiority, Britain's "exceptionalism" has faded in favour of American exceptionalism which is born of the same imperial traits. The US is the current conduit of Structural Elite power and its sense of superiority is fostered accordingly.

The bloody legacy of American Exceptionalism BY Vanessa Beeley
In considering itself, exceptional, the US has extricated itself from any legal obligation to adhere to either International law or even the common moral laws that should govern Humanity.  The US has become exceptionally lawless and authoritarian particularly in its intolerant neo-colonialist foreign policy.  The colonized have become the colonialists, concealing their brutal savagery behind a veneer of missionary zeal that they are converting the world to their form of exceptionalist Utopia.

That exceptionalism is now under threat with the rise of China. The US is in decline economically even though its military belligerence continues unabated. Attitudes take time to change and even when the US dollar collapses, rather like the British adherence to its imperial past as Sterling plummeted, the inculcated sense of superiority will continue long after the nation's decline.

The Brewing Collapse of the Western Monetary System by Peter Koenig

The shift of power away from the US is already underway but acknowledgement in Anglo-American media is rare. The US remains the most armed nation on the planet and propaganda for war reinforces the US sense of superiority.

'Propagandising For War' by Media Lens
'Exactly five years ago President Obama called on the Syrian President Bashir-Al-Assad to step down but today he is still in power.'
The prominence and repetition of the observation of course conferred great significance. The implication: for the BBC, Obama is not just the leader of another country, he is a kind of World President with the authority to call on other leaders to 'step down'. In reality, Obama made his demand, not in the name of the United Nations, or of the Syrian people, but because, as President George H.W. Bush once declared: 'what we say goes'.

The only beneficiaries of war are the Rothschilds and the Structural Elite and it is they who control Obama, May, Merkel et al. It is their control of media and all the other levers of power which has led us to here. We can take their power away. It is our belief in "authority" which sustains their power - withdraw consent.

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