Political correctness

Political correctness sounds innocuous enough but it has become a powerful force in society today. On the one hand it causes people to self-censor to avoid causing distress or being labelled bigoted, racist, misogynist; on the other it is used as a weapon to close down debate or dissent. It is a powerful tool for distraction and division which is used by the Structural Elite to control the public mind.

Treating all fellow human beings with respect is difficult within a political economy which fosters conflict and competition - if you're not better than the other "guy/girl", you're a "loser". Peer pressure adds to the vitriol. If you think about it, much of society is based on belittling those not in your "team", in your club, of your religion, country etc. So on the one hand, people are whipped into frenzies of patriotism etc. but on the other, they are cautioned to be politically correct to be accepted. What is regarded as innocuous in one arena can be highly offensive in another. No wonder people get confused.

In some ways "political correctness" has eliminated some of the more undesirable language of alienation of minorities and misogyny which could be regarded as a good thing.

3 Common Complaints About Political Correctness (That Completely Miss the Point)
Because apparently, political correctness only goes “too far” when it applies to the unfamiliar, the not-often-talked about, the marginal, the stigmatized.

However, this has come at a price:

Political Correctness: The Antithesis of Science by J.T. Young
Despite attempts to cloak itself in science, political correctness is the very opposite. The political correctness movement’s real emphasis is on politics, not correctness. Its goal is to have prevailing thought determined by a political dynamic.

In today's political economy, there is no easy answer to this dichotomy but in a non-hierarchical world, political correctness would have little value nor would abusing one's fellow human beings - it would be self-harm.


No wonder humanity is in such a mess. We're genetically hard-wired to collaborate and co-create but have evolved within a system designed to set us at each others' throats. Remove the flaws which have created this impossible situation and we can live within our own skins with confidence and generosity of spirit making political correctness a quaint, historic expediency.

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