Primary sources and documented evidence

When seeking to understand the world, it is necessary to work your way through layers of obfuscation and deception to get to the truth. The fastest way to get there is to rely on primary evidence and look for corroboration from independent sources. In the case of climate science, there are few truly independent sources available and they are under constant attack from the protectors of the "consensus".

As we've rehearsed in Daily Pickings on many occasions, we should not be focusing on symptoms, real or imagined but on the system which is driving human thought and behaviour to collective suicide. Our misunderstanding of geopolitics renders us impotent cheerleaders for global war and/or inevitable collapse. The managerial shift from a uni-polar world to a multi-polar one is setting us up for global conflict. Irrespective, the march to one world government continues as alternative media follow what's put in front of them.

Dr. BRICSLove or: How Alt-Media Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NWO
The real tragedy of this disconnect between fiction and reality, however, is not merely the perturbing dismissal of primary sources, but that in the abandonment of uncomfortable Truths for reassuring fiction, those alt-media aficionados who believe the Chinese-led Eastern coalition to be in opposition to Globalism find themselves in unwitting support of the next phase of the New World Order, euphemistically marketed as “multipolarism.”

The system which drives all this is the current, manipulated political economy; that is something we can change.

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