Critical Action

GlobalNet21 invited Critical Thinking to share its analysis at a recent event at Conway Hall in London. A podcast of three presentations and subsequent discussion is now available:

Economics As If People Mattered
Dr Hugh Atkinson (Senior Lecturer in Political Science), Clive Menzies (Political economist, editor and communicator at Critical Thinking at the Free University) and Laurie MacFarlane (Economy and Finance team of the New Economic Foundation) discuss what new economics might be and how it differs to the conventional view of economics that has dominated our public life.

GlobalNet21 invited Critical Thinking to join a webinar on Tuesday 13th September 2016, from 7pm to 8pm, to discuss critical action. There is a lot of talk and information about why the political economy is the way it is but what can we practically do ourselves to help bring about change? ie. Critical thinking is all very well but how do we turn critical thinking into critical action?

GN21 Focus Webinar - Social Change Piecemeal Or Critically Total

While people from around the world have contributed to Critical Thinking's research and analysis, the weekly sessions involve relatively few people meeting in London. This webinar is opens up interactive participation in Critical Thinking to a global audience and your participation in this webinar is warmly welcomed.

Critical Action

The political economy is an integrated system and until we understand the overall shape and thrust of the system, applying the wrong levers for change can have unintended and disastrous consequences.

Many activists and campaigners focus on symptoms; relieving symptoms is important and necessary but policies to address symptoms can only be steps on the mousewheel of the current political economy, in which we are driven in perpetual, accelerating circles until such time as the wheel breaks and everything collapses.

Critical thinking precedes Critical Action and if we are going to change the world for better, we need to think differently. The first action is self-organise our learning to share information and analysis. The second is to co-create solutions to withdraw consent to be lied to, manipulated and exploited.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

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