"Must try harder"

Daily Pickings has referred in the past to team Corbyn's shortcomings in their thinking. They are adopting 20th century policies to address contemporary problems which are structural in nature. The political economy is an integrated system and unless you understand the overall shape and thrust of the system, applying the wrong levers for change can have unintended and disastrous consequences.

This list appeared on Twitter yesterday:


Rather than undertake an in-depth critique, here's why dissolving hierarchy, sharing the value of the commons and banishing usury are the answers to all these problems.

1. Citizens Dividend will create gender equality. Mothers and fathers will no longer have to farm their children out to the state or private enterprise but children can be brought up and educated within warm, loving communities - essential for healthy development. Dissolving hierarchy renders "cabinet" redundant.

2. Citizens Dividend will equalise power between employer and employee; people can chose to work and jobs will have to be made much more attractive. No unions, no rules. The power of the short-side switches from psychopathic corporations to people.

3. Community schools to dissolve educational hierarchy which has created generations of slaves to the political economy. Demonetise knowledge.

4. Trade agreements unnecessary if the value of land and resources is shared equitably. The internet and technology allow people to "trade/barter/exchange" as collaborators within decentralised circles of trust. Absence of interest, means that no-one can manipulate markets in their favour.

5. Devolve healthcare to communities both regionally and by common interests - technology allows decentralisation of everything we need.

6. Don't need banks if there is no interest, just a means of undertaking and recording transactions - a technological process - human intermediation unnecessary.

7. No hierarchy = no MPs. Everyone can share knowledge within communities; a much simpler political economy in which everyone can participate and contribute.

8. Sharing the value of the commons will provide plenty for all

9. Dissolving hierarchy to remove the levers of power from the Structural Elite will eliminate wars and need for arms

10. LVT or similar mechanism to share the commons will remove the need to regulate property; sufficient to fund public services, shelter and the means to life for everyone on the planet.

11. See 10.

12. Not nationalise but devolve to interlocking community structures to create and sustain infrastructure.

13. PO may evolve into another devolved community resource interwoven into a global network of open trade of physical goods.

14. Abolishing interest and devolving management of the commons will remove the primary drivers of environmental destruction.

15. Citizens Dividend frees people to chose how, whether and how much to work

16. Share the wealth of the value of the commons and tax evasion and avoidance disappears. No need to tax labour or enterprise

17.See 16.

18. Devolve education to self-organisation; current "education" is training for a system of slavery

19. No interest, no PFI

20. Devolving healthcare to communities (regional and those sharing concerns about particular illness/issues) will remove the power of big pharma and allow natural remedies to reassert their validity.

The Corbyn surge has catylised engagement and that is to be welcomed but it is only the start of the journey of discovery.

Those who say we have to take incremental steps need to understand that Jeremy's 20 policies, even if successful, can only be steps on the mousewheel of the current political economy, driven in perpetual, accelerating circles.

A revolution in human thinking is in the wind. We need to feel it, observe, share knowledge and engage with each other within families, communities, nations and globally. Anything is possible.


Critical Thinking produced a New Model Charter two years ago. A charter may not be the answer but the elements contained therein, are essential.

1. the role of hierarchy in determining who designs, and benefits from, the political economy;
2. control and distribution of the wealth of the commons
3. interest is a corrosive, abusive and destructive mechanism

Team Corbyn need to be bold and must try harder.

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