Daily Pickings attempts to contextualise current events and issues within the current political economy. Many people around the world are arriving at the same conclusion: that we are farmed by a system which benefits the very few. These few we refer to as the Structural Elite because their position and power is determined by the structure of the political economy. They were referred to by Carroll Quigley as the Network but go by many names including Illuminati.

There are differences in opinion over who holds ultimate power. Our contention is that it's the Rothschilds who have infiltrated every power structure around the globe including Islam, Catholicism, Church of England and of course Judaism.

However, reaching agreement on who holds ultimate power is not important. We mustn't lose sight of the fact that it is the political economy itself which gives them their power. Thus taking away their power can be bloodless. The question we have to answer is: Do we want revenge or transformation? For the latter, our focus should be on the "what", not the "who"?

We have the power to change the world through revolution. Not a bloody coup but a revolution in human consciousness. Awake to the reality: we are farmed but the fences and shackles are of our own making, an illusion. If we open our minds, our chains and walls of confinement evaporate.

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