The game of life

There is/was SIMCity and various lookalikes in which you create your own virtual world and interact with others playing the game. Now we've PokemonGo, an intelligence gathering tool masquerading as an interactive online game which has taken the world by storm. Multi-level gaming has appeal for geeks and mere technology mortals alike.

But the best, most intricate and stimulating game, by far, is the Game of Life. It is infinitely variable and holds limitless possibilities. All you need is an open mind and the ability to find, compare and contrast information sources (clues).

Deductive reasoning, lateral thinking and imagination are rewarded with progress through the game.


The first objective of the game is to find out Who Rules? How? and Why?

To discover where real power lies, we need to abandon cherished beliefs and ideology; we need to go back to our earliest experiences and observations and re-examine them in the light of information which has only recently come to light with the advent of the internet and associated technologies.

Once you've reached the first level of "enlightenment", you are well on the way to developing:
- your skills
- understanding
- a network of fellow "gamers" to attain the next level: collaboration and co-creation with other gamers (humans) to create a better real world.

Unlike SIM City and PokemonGo, success at the Game of Life provides tangible, durable rewards: freedom from fear, freedom from domination and freedom to fulfill your true potential as a unique human being on this planet within the warm embrace of like-minded humans.


The Game of Life - introduction
A game for the open-minded and adventurous


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