Moments of realisation

We don't need to be constantly outside the system to be free - we just need moments of realisation.

What matters more: your supermarket loyalty card or your sanity and freedom? Disconnect from the Matrix, withdraw consent to be lied to and abused. When you next feel the urge to conform or self-censor, treat yourself to a moment of realisation - the illusion isn't real.

Few are those in academia who will march against the tide of conformity and mediocrity because the penalties are severe. The comforting and seductive incentives such as status, money and the possibility getting to the top table (on the cocktail circuit, Bilderberg, Davos etc.) appeal to our vanity and greed. Furthermore, it's hard work to argue against the orchestrated consensus, particularly for academics.

Clipping Academic Freedom: Australian University Management by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Universities have become bastions of managerial madness. The trends began some time ago, when money became the ultimate pursuit, and Mr Dollar became chancellor and chief. The obsession with obtaining grants, the panjandrums awarding grants, the siphoning off funds, underwriting projects, have all made the academy a sad state. Since universities now obsess about having a “marketing unit”, the idea of making education a matter of commercial viability rather than educational worth has become all important.

The world, and particularly academia, is shaped by the political economy at the behest, and to serve the interests, of the Structural Elite. Once we understand this, freedom is but a moment of realisation away.


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